About Ulster BOCES

North Star Educational Commitments


Our North Star Educational Commitments were designed to foster a learning environment in which all learners will be able to develop their unique self, contribute to community, develop their capacity, and engage in continuous cycles of inquiry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality shared educational, administrative, and technical services that enable component districts to develop the capacity in their students and adults to achieve higher standards of performance. With an emphasis on economic efficiencies, Ulster BOCES is committed to offering educational programs that enable all students to prepare for employment and/or post-secondary education.

What is a BOCES

BOCES, or Boards of Cooperative Educational Services, were created in 1948 by the New York State legislature. They operate as extensions of local school districts to help them meet their educational and financial goals by offering shared educational programs and services.

The Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education have also charged the 37 BOCES in New York State with providing leadership and developing the capacity of local schools to enhance and improve student achievement. The chief executive officer of a BOCES also serves as the District Superintendent and works closely with local school districts as both a liaison to and agent of the New York State Commissioner of Education.


Ulster BOCES serves the eight public school districts in Ulster County. Our programs and services benefit almost every student, teacher, administrator, business, and taxpayer in Ulster County. Partnerships between all of the public schools is fostered by school leadership and provides extensive benefits to our communities, students, and taxpayers.

How it Works

BOCES opens doors to innovative and exciting programs in a manner that is effective, efficient, and fosters equity for all students. A BOCES program or service is created when two or more school districts have similar needs that can be met through sharing. This is an economical way for districts to provide opportunities they otherwise might not be able to afford or that would be more expensive to provide independently. BOCES programs and services eliminate duplication of such things as staff time, space, and equipment. BOCES staff members also have particular skills and expertise related to each of the programs and services offered, making participation an effective option for districts.

Collage of a graduate in a cap and gown, teachers working on a robot, a cosmetology student doing hair