Peter Harris

Published Works

Peter Harris received his Certificate of Advanced Study from the SUNY New Paltz School of Educational Administration in 2010. As a high school principal, he focused on promoting equity and access for all students. To help promote social justice, Mr. Harris opened enrollment to all students wishing to take any of the college-level classes being offered on the high school campus. He also expanded the early college high school offerings from a handful to nearly two dozen. During his time as a teacher and as a building administrator, he encouraged student travel and experiential learning and signature learning experiences. His experiences with challenging the status quo in a traditional learning environment have inspired him to lead the P-TECH learning community created by Dr. Schenker.  

Mr. Harris’s goal is to help grow employable good humans. As a PTECH principal, his focus is on workplace learning skills and global competencies. Our PTECH program focuses on leadership, creativity, multiple literacies, global citizenship, and self-direction. Mr. Harris’s passion revolves around leveraging partnerships, workplace learning, global competency, narrative feedback, and skills mapping.
At Ulster BOCES Career and Technical Education Center and HVPA PTECH, we leverage partnerships to advance learning. Our industry partnership with The Council of Industry of the Hudson Valley endeavors to deliver professional skills training to our young scholars. Each of our learners experiences a series of workplace learning challenges. Students receive a challenge, research and develop a response, deliver their challenge response, and receive feedback from our industry partners. 
We are a member of the International Schools Study Network. This partnership helps us to build an inquiry cycle with our young scholars that promotes global competence. Our young scholars learn to investigate, explore multiple perspectives, communicate, and take action.


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