Equity for All Theme of 2019 Mid-Hudson Summer Leadership Conference

Equity for All Theme of 2019 Mid-Hudson Summer Leadership Conference

The Ulster BOCES Mid-Hudson Leadership Institute is proud to announce that critically-acclaimed literary educator Dr. Jevon Hunter, along with author, speaker, and 2016 Distinguished Principal Dr. Brad Gustafson will serve as keynote speakers at this year's Summer Leadership Conference.

The conference—recognized as the region's premier event for educators—will be held at the SUNY New Paltz Lecture Center on Monday, July 1, from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

"This year's theme is courage, love, and justice and this really addresses everything a leader needs to do as a visionary in pursuit of equity for all," said Ulster BOCES Director of Instructional Services and conference organizer Gwendolyn Roraback.

In addition to hearing from Dr. Hunter and Dr. Gustafson, attendees will take part in a series of morning and afternoon workshops aimed at providing ideas and best-practice strategies for creating a culture of inclusivity and equity.

"The intent and purpose of the day is to provide the time and space for leaders to be inspired, recharged, and reminded of why they are doing what they are doing, which is providing an opportunity for children to learn," Roraback said. "Educators need courage and love for the profession if things are to be propelled forward."

For more information, email Ulster BOCES Director of Instructional Services Gwendolyn Roraback or call 845.255.1400, ext. 1280. For registration questions, email Instructional Services Special Project Assistant Ean McDermott or Information Facilitator Eileen Catasus-Chapman.

More details can also be found here.

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