Help for Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety

Help for Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety

All of us are feeling at least some Coronavirus stress and fatigue. Not getting out of the house enough; not seeing friends and family; and financial uncertainty all contribute to increased stress for all of us.

Your Employee Assistance Program has three different ways we can help relieve that stress.

  1. Video training that provides you excellent coping tools to deal with the stress you are feeling. We have dozens of short online video courses that are loaded with great ideas on how best to deal with the stress we’re all feeling. We’ve selected the seven that we think are the most helpful. They are listed below along with instructions on how to log-on to the website.
  2. Visit our online Coronavirus Resource Center. You’ll also find great health and wellness tools about the Coronavirus once you sign in at the Employee and Family login. Log on to our website and click the Coronavirus Resource Center at the top of the landing page.
  3. Counseling Assistance. Keep in mind that if you need to talk to a counselor for help, we are here for you! Just call 800.252.4555.

Login Instructions:

  1. Go to our website.
  2. Click the Employee & Family login at the top of the page
  3. Click the 'Training Center' tile
  4. Click the 'New & Improved Trainings' tile
  5. Enter your choice of training titles into the ‘search box’ at the top of the page. Each is only about 6 to 10 minutes

Recommended Stress Reduction Video Training Titles:

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19
  • Managing Stress Part 1 – Understanding Stress at Work
  • Managing Stress Part 2 – Are you Stressed?
  • Managing Stress Part 3 – How to Reduce Anxiety
  • Managing Stress Part 4 – How to Handle Unavoidable Stress
  • Managing Stress Part 5 – Leadership and Stress
  • Managing Stress Part 6 – Dealing with Stress at Work

Always know that if you are dealing with a problem, those at your EAP are here to help.

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