Instructional Staff Celebrated for Earning Tenure

Instructional Staff Celebrated for Earning Tenure

During its September 27th meeting, the Board of Education took a break from their usual business to celebrate 23 of our amazing instructional staff members who officially earned their tenure in the months of June, July, and August. 

"This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to their dedication and commitment to our organization's mission of providing high-quality education," said District Superintendent Jonah M. Schenker, Ed.D. 

The recipients were presented with certificates commemorating this significant milestone in their careers. We are proud to have them as part of our Ulster BOCES family.

Tenure status is not only a recognition of their professional achievements but also a commitment from Ulster BOCES to support their continued growth and development as educators. These 23 individuals have demonstrated their expertise, passion, and dedication, and we look forward to their continued contributions to our educational community!

Congratulations to: 

MaryEllen Burham, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Tasha Clemmer, Math Teacher, Phoenix Academy

Isabel Cottingham, Social Worker, CITL

Sophia Ender, Social Worker, CITL

Jennifer Forrest, Social Worker, CITL

Nicole Foti, Fashion Design Teacher, CTE

Victoria Guido, Teacher – Deaf & Hearing Impaired, CITL 

Danielle Hart, Special Education Teacher, CITL

Barbara Hastie, Coordinator, School Development, Instructional Services

Lisa Hunter, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Ashley Kane, Special Education Teacher, CITL

Maureen Kellerman, Teacher – Speech & Hearing Handicapped, CITL

Laura Kormondy, Social Studies Teacher, CITL

Kenneth Longendyke, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Karen McCarthy, Special Education Teacher, CITL

Kayla McDowell, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Justin Nahow, Culinary Teacher, CTE

Barbara Pine, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Deirdre Renzo, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Bethany Rogers, Special Education Teacher, CITL

Jesse Roth, Social Studies Teacher, CTE

Alicia Terpening, Teaching Assistant, CITL

Karen Villanuera, Teaching Assistant, CITL

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