MHRIC Ups its Game with New Sports Management Platform

MHRIC Ups its Game with New Sports Management Platform

Mention the Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center (MHRIC) and oftentimes people think of a place where school districts turn for support with student and district management applications and NYSED data reporting. While these are essential, they only scratch the surface of the services offered. 

For instance, the MHRIC now offers an athletic video software, called HUDL, that analyzes players’ performances and provides insights for improvements. The software also provides staff with the means to track statistics, manage feedback, and create highlights in one easy, online platform.

Saugerties High School Athletic Director Dominic Zarrella touts the ease of access that HUDL provides for coaches, athletic directors, and students. On the high school level, coaches frequently share video with each other to help establish rankings and improve the sports program. He recalls games of yesteryear when coaches had to physically travel to other districts to share videos with one another. HUDL provides the platform to securely share videos with any team also on the platform. HUDL also eliminates the need to spend hours at a computer editing and processing film before the footage is ready for viewing.

According to Zarrella, Saugerties has close to 200 student athletes, including football and basketball players, who now use the software, and he is predicting that HUDL’s popularity will most likely grow. “It can include any sport,” he said.

Here’s how it works. Coaches can record games, practice, and training sessions with their iPhone, iPad, or hard drive camera, which is then made available online, giving them (and their athletes) secure access at home and on the go. There’s no need for expensive equipment, and it is fast! By connecting to Wi-Fi and uploading video as it records, footage can be studied within minutes. Playlists allow users to quickly jump to the exact moments they want to examine. It is easy to create a presentation for team review, or pull together clips to illustrate what a player might need to improve upon.

David Coates, the Director for Physical Education, Health, and Athletics at the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, likens HUDL to professional video analysis. He also stresses the affordability of HUDL, thanks to the fact it is offered as a Co-Ser by the MHRIC and is therefore eligible for State Aid reimbursement. 

Coates says Middletown had been using the software to varying degrees. He explains that it isn’t just a tool for members of the football community but has grown to include basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, and soccer. “The coaches were utilizing it, but since the Co-Ser came out and wrapped everything into one, it has become very affordable,” he said.   

If your district is interested in learning more about HUDL and/or is interested in purchasing this product please contact Noelle Zamow at 845.255.1450 x1244 or or email.

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