School Safety Plan



Emergencies and violent incidents in school districts are critical issues that must be addressed in an expeditious and effective manner. Districts are required to develop a District-Wide School Safety Plan designed to prevent or minimize the effects of serious violent incidents and emergencies and to facilitate the coordination of the district with local and county resources in the event of such incidents or emergencies. The District-Wide School Safety Plan is responsive to the needs of all schools within the agency and is consistent with the more detailed emergency response plans required at the school building level. School districts and other educational agencies stand at risk from a wide variety of acts of violence, natural, and technological disasters. To address these threats, the State of New York has enacted the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) law. Project SAVE is a comprehensive planning effort that addresses risk reduction/ prevention, response, and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies in the school district and its schools.  

Ulster County BOCES supports the SAVE Legislation and intends to facilitate the planning process. The Chief Emergency Officer, encourages and advocates on-going agency-wide cooperation with and support for Project SAVE. The Chief Emergency Officer is responsible for ensuring this plan is updated annually, that its contents are understood by staff, and coordinates with first responders.

Please access the Addendum to the plan here: Continuation of Operations

Section I: General Considerations and Planning Guidelines


The Ulster County BOCES District-Wide School Safety Plan was developed pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulation 155.17. At the direction of the Ulster County BOCES Board of Education, the District Superintendent appointed a District-Wide School Safety Team and charged it with the development, maintenance, and update of the District-Wide School Safety Plan.  As per the amendments to 155.17, the District-Wide School Safety Plan supersedes the agency’s Emergency Management/Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Identification of School Teams

Ulster County BOCES has created a District-Wide School Safety Team consisting of, but not limited to, representatives of the School Board, students, teachers, administrators, parent organizations, school safety personnel and other school personnel. The members of the team for 2023-2024 are:

  • Ms. Barbara Carroll, Board of Education
  • TBD, Board of Education
  • TBD, Board of Education
  • Dr. Jonah Schenker, District Superintendent
  • Ms. Amanda Stokes, Assistant Superintendent for Administration 
  • Ms. Jillaine Berardi, Assistant Superintendent Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services
  • Mr. Peter Harris,  Assistant Superintendent Career & Technical Education and Alternative Education
  • Ms. Sarah Dudley-Lemek, Assistant Superintendent Instructional Services
  • Ms. Christina Rutella, Principal, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning at Port Ewen
  • Ms. Gwen Kramer-Gold, Principal, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning at Anna Devine
  • Ms. Tonya Griffiths, Principal Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning at Mt. Marion
  • Ms. Amy Storenski, Principal, Mid-Hudson P-Tech
  • Mr. Joseph Salamone, Principal, Career & Technical Education
  • Ms. Coleen Macalusi, Assistant Director of Adult Education
  • Ms. Jacqualine Berardi, O&M  Administrative Coordinator
  • Mr. Victor DeStefano, Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds
  • Mr. James Stoothoff, Environmental Compliance Coordinator
  • Ms. Christy Fischer, Environmental Compliance Technician
  • Mr. Lawrence McCauley, Dispatcher, Ulster County BOCES Transportation
  • Ms. Cynthia Pomerantz, School Nurse
  • Deputy Justin Watson, School Resource Officer, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Port Ewen
  • Deputy Michael Rell, School Resource Officer, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Anna Devine and Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Mt. Marion
  • Lieutenant Chad Storey, Ulster County Sheriff’s Department
  • Ms. Sarah Dellaventura, Student Services, Specialist I, and President, Ulster BOCES United Employees
  • Ms. Jeralyn Perretta, Teacher Aide and President, Ulster BOCES Teaching Assistants' & Aides' Organization
  • Ms. Kerri Ann Sheehy, Teacher and President, Ulster BOCES Teachers Organization
  • Ms. Noelle Zamow, Student Services Manager, Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center and President, Ulster County BOCES Management Association
  • Mr. Ian Winters, Community Representative
  • Student Representative (Optional)

Chief Emergency Officer

James Stoothoff is designated as the Ulster BOCES Chief Emergency Officer.


Concept of Operations

The District-Wide School Safety Plan is directly linked to the individual Building-Level Emergency Response Plan for each school building.  Protocols reflected in the District-Wide School Safety Plan will guide the development and implementation of individual Building-Level Emergency Response Plans.  In the event of an emergency or violent incident, the initial response to all emergencies at an individ­ual school will be by the School Emergency Response Team.  Upon the activation of the School Emergency Response Team, the District Superintendent or his/her designee will be notified and, where appropriate, local emergency officials will also be notified.

Emergency response efforts may be supplemented by County and State resources through existing protocols.  The students transported from Ulster County BOCES to Camp Ramapo will follow the emergency response protocols of the camp administration while at that site. 

Plan Review and Public Comment

This plan will be reviewed periodically during the year and will be maintained by the District-Wide School Safety Committee. This plan will be available for public review and comment on the Ulster County BOCES website and approved annually by the Ulster County BOCES Board of Education prior to September 1st.  A copy of the plan will be available at Ulster County BOCES, Conference Center, Business Office, 175 Route 32 North, New Paltz, NY 12561 and on the Ulster County BOCES website.

Each board of education, chancellor or other governing body shall make each district-wide safety plan available for public comment at least 30 days prior to its adoption. Such district-wide plans may be adopted by the school board only after at least one public hearing that provides for the participation of school personnel, parents, students and any other interested parties. Each district shall file a copy of its district-wide safety plan with the commissioner and all amendments to such plan shall be filed with the commissioner no later than 30 days after their adoption. Each board of education, chancellor or other governing body or officer shall ensure that a copy of each building-level emergency response plan and any amendments thereto, is filed with the appropriate local law enforcement agency and with the State Police within 30 days of its adoption, but no later than October 15. Building-level emergency response plans shall be confidential and shall not be subject to disclosure under article six of the Public Officers Law or any other provision of law.

Chief Emergency Officer

The school district/BOCES chief emergency officer shall be NIMS 700 & ICS 100 trained.  Additional training is recommended.  The chief emergency officer shall act as liaison between staff members and first responders.  The chief emergency officer shall be responsible for ensuring that staff understand the content, and value of, the district-level safety plan.  The chief emergency officer shall also be responsible for ensuring completion and yearly update of building-level emergency response plans. The Chief Emergency Officer will be appointed annually by the Ulster County BOCES Board of Education at the annual Reorganization Meeting.

Section II: Risk Reduction/Prevention and Intervention

Risk Reduction/Prevention and Intervention is comprised of activities that are taken prior to an emer­gency or disaster to eliminate the possibility of the occurrence or reduce the impact, of such emergency if it does occur.

Prevention/Intervention Strategies

Program Initiatives

The following programs and activities are available to building administrators for improving communication among students and between students and staff and the reporting of potentially violent incidents:

___Non-violent conflict resolution training programs

___Peer mediation programs and youth courts

___ Sensitivity Training

___Youth clubs

___Others based on building needs

___Character Education

___Student Performance Team

___Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)

___Social Skills Training

Training, Drills, and Exercises
  • Ulster County BOCES shall arrange to provide annual multi-hazard school training for staff and students at each educational site. Such training shall include periodic Incident Command Training for administrators and selected faculty members and other multi-hazard training for staff and students as deemed appropriate by the Board of Education and District Superintendent.  Training, as required by the Dignity for All Students Act, is provided for all those holding, or applying for, a professional license or certificate (e.g. administrators, supervisors, teachers).  This training is provided to DASA Coordinators via the Ulster County BOCES DASA COSER. DASA Coordinators provide training to the teaching staff. 
  • Ulster County BOCES annually performs twelve (12) fire & emergency drills at each of its K-12 school buildings which are timed and documented for review prior to the annual Fire Safety Inspection. Eight (8) of the twelve (12) drills are evacuation drills, and must be conducted between September 1 and December 31 with six (6) being evacuation drills and two (2) being lockdown drills. Between January 1 and June 30 two (2) evacuation drills and two (2) lockdown drills must be conducted. Additionally, one (1) evacuation drill must be conducted within the first week of the summer school session and one (1) lockdown drill must be conducted before the end of the summer school session. Ulster County BOCES participates in the annual Go-Home Early Drill and practices at least one Sheltering Drill per building per school year. The efficacy of these drills is assessed annually by building administrators and teaching staff.  Participation in the annual Weather Hazards Awareness Drill, sponsored by the National Weather Service, is also required.
  • Ulster BOCES utilizes Crisis Intervention Specialists for safety and security purposes in school facilities owned by Ulster County BOCES.  A brief description of the duties of this job category is given below.

Crisis Intervention Specialist: 1) manages disruptive, assaultive, and out-of-control behaviors and provides physical intervention as required; 2) assists in the classroom when crisis situations require aid and to be on-call for potential crisis situations; 3) refers students as needed for counseling or discipline; 4) coordinates daily activities of the reorientation room; 5) resolves all major daily behavioral incidents and reports to clinical and supervisory staff; 6) completes written behavioral summaries for all suspensions; 7) organizes weekly behavioral phase level program; 8) monitors individual behavioral levels in cooperation with clinical and educational staff.

The minimum qualifications for this position include a high school diploma, at least two (2) years direct experience working with an emotionally disabled population, and crisis intervention training and background.  Additional training is required via workshops that provide instruction in relevant disciplines such as proper restraint techniques and the de-escalation of violent incidents.  The hiring and screening for this position is performed through the Ulster County BOCES personnel office as per civil service and State Education Department requirements.  The administration and teaching staff participate in the hiring process.

For the 2023-2024 school year, Ulster County BOCES will continue to use an appropriately trained School Resource Officer (i.e.: National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association (SNYPJOA) who will be located at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Port Ewen.  Private security guards are deployed during school hours at both Port Ewen locations as well as at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Anna Devine site and other locations/sites as necessary.  Working relationships with county and state police regarding the implementation of school safety and security are well established, including methods of crime scene preservation.

Implementation of School Security

Ulster County BOCES uses the following security procedures in its school buildings: Additional security indicatives are in planning & development.

a.) Use of properly trained Crisis Intervention Specialists.
b.) Use of properly trained and certified security guards at all K-12 educational sites.
c.) Securing those exterior doors not routinely used for student or staff entrance.
d.) To the extent possible, limiting entrance to the main door of each school building.
e.) Requiring all visitors to sign in at the main office of each school building.
f.) Requiring all faculty, staff, and adult students to wear identification badges.
g.) Other security measures as deemed appropriate by the Board of Education and the District Superintendent.
h.) Utilizing SHARE 911 campus notification system.
i.) Utilizing Lobby Guard visitor management system.

Vital Educational Agency Information

  • Each individual educational program within Ulster County BOCES collects and maintains vital educational information, i.e. student enrollment, number of staff, etc. (see chart below). Transportation needs are assessed by the Transportation Department in conjunction with agency administrators.  Internal divisions (e.g. the Business Office) maintain and update listings of home and business telephone numbers for key personnel throughout the agency and local component school districts.



Contact Person

Phone Number


(Updated April 2023)


Center for Innovation Teaching and Learning at Port Ewen

319 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY 12466

Christina Rutella

Rachel Balaban
Assistant Principal

David Goho
Assistant Principal

(845)339-8707 Ext. 5001

(845) 339-8707 Ext. 2350

(845) 339-8707 Ext. 2323

143  (04/2023)



Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Anna Devine - 1372 Old Post Rd. Ulster Park, NY 12487

Gwen Kramer-Gold

Assistant Principal

(845) 334-5915 Ext. 2338

(845) 334-5915 Ext. TBD

72 (04/2023)


Center for Innovative Teaching and Leaning at Mt. Marion

744 Glasco Turnpike
Saugerties, NY 12477

Tonya Griffiths

(845) 344-5930



Career & Technical Education Center at Port Ewen (& Phoenix Academy) - 319 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY 12466

Joseph Salamone

Stephen Casa
Assistant Principal

(845) 331-6680 Ext. 2240

845) 331-6680 Ext.2825




Hudson Valley Pathways Academy

SUNY Ulster
491 Cottekill Road
Stone Ridge, NY  12484

Amy Storenski

(845) 688-6117



Center for Adult Education at Port Ewen - 319 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY 12466

Coleen Macaluso

Assistant Director of Adult Education

(845) 331-5050 Ext. 2821



Adult Education Ellenville Learning Center, 105 Center St., Ellenville, NY 12428

Coleen Macaluso

Assistant Director of Adult Education

(845) 210-7105



Center for Adult Education - 521 Boices Lane, Kingston, NY 12401

Coleen Macaluso

Assistant Director of Adult Education

(845) 633-2296



Ulster County BOCES Office Telephone Numbers (Student-Based)




Mobile Phone


Office Number

Schenker, Jonah

(845) 594-XXXX

(845) 255-3020

(845) 255-1400 Ext. 1221

Stokes, Amanda

(914) 388-XXXX

(845) 255-3010

(845) 255-1400- Ext 1215

Berardi, Jillaine

(914) 388-XXXX

((845) 255-1400 Ext. 1260

Harris, Peter

(845) 399-XXXX

(845) 255-1400 Ext. 1234

DeStefano, Victor

(845) 476-XXXX

(845) 255-1400 Ext. 1304

Stoothoff, James

(845) 594-XXXX

(845) 255-1400 Ext. 1360

Fischer, Christy

(845) 781-XXXX

(845) 255-1400 Ext. 1361

Storenski, Amy

(845) 750-XXXX

(845) 688-6117

Casa, Stephen

(917) 572-XXXX

(845) 331-6680 Ext. 2825

Haviland, Richard (Karl)

(845) 532-XXXX

(845) 339-8707 Ext. 1528

Goho, David

(845) 750-XXXX

(845) 339-8707 Ext. 2323

Balaban, Rachel

(845) 532-XXXX

(845) 339-8707 Ext 2350

Kramer-Gold, Gwen

(626) 840-XXXX

(845) 334-5915 Ext. 2238

Griffiths, Tonya

(845) 616-XXXX

(845) 334-5915 Ext. 4010

Rutella, Christina

(518) 653-XXXX

(845) 334-5915

Salamone, Joseph

(845) 863-XXXX

(845) 331-6680

McCauley, Lawrence

(845) 519-XXXX

(845) 331-6680 Ext. 1622

Watson, Justin

(845) 554-XXXX

(845) 339-8707 Ext. 2444


Early Detection of Potentially Violent Behaviors

The early detection of potentially violent student behaviors shall be accomplished though professional development workshops for Ulster County BOCES instructional staff (Ulster County BOCES also employs Behavior Intervention Specialists).  These professionals, among other duties, support at risk students to ensure successful adjustment to class by providing them with conflict resolution skills and appropriate communication strategies.  

Where a student is deemed by an appropriate staff member to require attention in this area the school principal, teacher representatives, guidance counselor, and/or the CSE Chairperson of the home district in which the student is enrolled shall be notified.  Police shall be notified in the event of any crime, violent act, or threat of violence to another.  Parents will be notified and family court may also be contacted.  If concerns are raised about a student’s mental health, parents and school district personnel shall be contacted.

Hazard Identification

  • Each Ulster County BOCES educational site is evaluated annually (All Hazard Site Assessment) by the Risk Management Department for potential hazards, both on and off school grounds.  Such hazards include fire, explosion, chemical spills, biological contamination, and site security.  The most recent evaluation was performed on April 19, 2023.  Results of this confidential evaluation are kept on file in the Risk Management office.  The next evaluation will take place during April 2024.

Section III: Response

Notification and Activation (Internal and External Communications)

  • In the event of a violent incident, either implied or direct, Ulster County BOCES shall utilize the county’s 911 system to contact available law enforcement personnel.
  • In the event of an emergency or disaster that may impact school facilities or programs, Ulster County BOCES will use the following means to communicate with all educational facilities within the agency. Ulster County BOCES recently completed an extensive upgrade of its radio communications system that allows site-to-site radio contact, including Camp Ramapo.
    • Telephone/Cell Phone
    • Fax/Email
    • Radio Systems
    • Local Media (e.g. WPDH, WBNR, WDST)
  • In the event of an early dismissal, or other event that warrants such action, persons in parental relation shall be notified via one of the following: local media, the use of telephone chains, School Messenger, and web postings.

Situational Responses

Multi-Hazard Response Protocols

  • Ulster County BOCES has developed multi-hazard response plans, based on the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System (NIMS), for the following emergency situations:

Hazard Category


Civil Disturbance

Bomb Threat

Intruder Alert

Hostage Taking


Physical Assault or Threat

Environmental Emergency


Hazardous Materials Incident

Snow/Ice Storm

Tornado Warning

Thunder/Lightning Storm



Gas Leak

Building Failure

System Failure

Structural Failure

Medical Emergency

Sick/Injured Person

School Bus Accident

Mass Illness/Epidemic

Influenza Pandemic

Please see the Appendix for an outline of the sequential response action for each emergency situation.

Responses to Acts of Violence: Implied or Direct Threats

  • Students and staff of Ulster County BOCES are expected to abide by normal standards of civility as outlined in the Code of Conduct. In the event of a direct or implied threat, by a student, staff member or visitor, the building administrator should be informed as soon as possible by the threatened individual or other involved party. This includes direct/implied threats of suicide or self-harm by a student. The administrator shall make the appropriate contacts (e.g. crisis intervention, law enforcement, District Superintendent, those in parental relation) based on the nature of the threat.
  • The Ulster County BOCES Code of Conduct contains Board of Education Policies and Procedures regarding conduct on school property and is incorporated by reference into this District-Wide Safety Plan.

Acts of Violence

  • Any act of violence against another, by a student, staff member or visitor, will be not be tolerated by Ulster County BOCES.  In the event of such an incident the building administrator or his/her designee shall notify the District Superintendent and law enforcement, where appropriate.  If law enforcement is called, the building administrator or his/her designee shall meet with representatives when they arrive on site.  Depending on the nature of the emergency, other actions (e.g. evacuation, lockdown) will be taken where appropriate. 

Arrangements for Obtaining Emergency Assistance from Local Government

When appropriate, Ulster County BOCES will make use of the following local government agencies during emergencies:

  • Fire, Police, Medical    911
  • Central Hudson (Gas Odors)    800-942-8274
  • Congressional Offices    845-331-4466
  • Department of Environmental Conservation    845-256-3000
  • Ulster County Family Court    845-340-3600
  • Poison Control Center    800-336-6997
  • Ulster County American Red Cross    845-338-7020
  • Ulster County District Attorney    845-340-3315
  • Ulster County Emergency Management    845-331-7000
  • Ulster County Health Department        845-340-3010
  • Ulster County Highway/Bridge Department    845-340-3100
  • Ulster County Mental Health Services    845-340-4000
  • Ulster County Safety Office    845-340-3410

Procedures for Obtaining Advice and Assistance from Local Government Officials

  • When deemed appropriate, the District Superintendent or his/or designee will contact the appropriate local government agency or agencies for advice or assistance during an emergency situation.

District Resources Available for Use in an Emergency

  • Each Ulster County BOCES facility is equipped with resources available for use during emergency situations. These include communication devices, first aid and medical supplies, food/water, fire extinguishers, flashlights, batteries, and emergency phone number lists.  Additional resources (e.g. tools, duct tape, hardware) are located in the maintenance shops in both New Paltz and Port Ewen.  Each Ulster County BOCES facility can serve as a sheltering site, if required, during most emergencies.

  • Ulster County BOCES maintains a fleet of 34 vehicles, which are currently in service.  The fleet consists of:  3 cars (Non-DOT), 8 SUV's, 5 Mini-Vans (2 are DOT), 1 Utility Body Trucks (4X4), 1 Dump Body Truck (4X4), 6 Pick-Up Trucks, 4 Buses, 1 Utility Van, 3 Utility Trailers (not self-Propelled), and 2 Front End Loaders.  

Procedures to Coordinate the Use of School District Resources and Manpower during Emergencies

  • The use of manpower and resources during an emergency shall be coordinated at each facility by the building administrator or director with direction from the District Superintendent or his/her designee.  The coordination of manpower may be further broken down into internal departments or divisions.

  • An inventory of resources will be made periodically but no less than annually and following each activation of the Building-Level Safety Plan.

Protective Action Options

(a)    School Cancellation or Delay

The cancellation or delay of Ulster County BOCES educational programs shall be made by the District Superintendent or designee. The decision to cancel or delay school shall follow the established chain of command.

(b)    Pivot to remote Instruction

Pivot to remote instruction may be implemented by the District Superintendent or designee in instances when there is a need to cancel school and there are no more emergency days available.

(c)    Early dismissal

Early dismissal shall be implemented under conditions when it is imperative to return students to their homes as quickly as possible (e.g. an impending blizzard).  The decision to dismiss school early shall be made by the District Superintendent or his/her designee.  The Ulster County BOCES Transportation Supervisor or designee is then notified to contact component school districts to send their buses to pick up students at the designated time. Persons in parental relation shall be notified via one of the following ways: the local media, the use of telephone chains, School Messenger and web postings.

 (d)    Emergency Evacuation 

Emergency evacuation is implemented under conditions when it is no longer safe for students and staff to remain in the building (e.g. a hazardous materials spill).  The decision to evacuate is made by the building administrator or his/her designee.  Once out of the building students will be assembled by class groups, or some other means, and at designated areas to be accounted for by staff members.  In some cases students will be taken to an alternative location off site. All students and staff shall remain outside the building until it has been deemed safe for them to return by local emergency responders and the Ulster County BOCES administration.  If the decision is made to dismiss for the day, the conditions of section (b) apply.
(e)     Sheltering 

Sheltering, inside the school, is implemented under conditions when it is safer for students and staff to remain inside the building than to evacuate or be dismissed early (e.g. a tornado warning).  The decision to shelter students on site is made by the building administrator or his/her designee.  Where to shelter students and staff on site will depend upon the nature of the emergency.  During a high wind advisory or tornado warning, for example, sheltering should take place at the building’s lowest level in interior rooms or corridors (preferably away from windows & doors).  Other emergencies may call for students and staff to remain where they are (i.e. lockdown).  A code or similar system should be in place to inform staff members what actions to take.  If the sheltering period is to be extended more than a few hours, arrangements to meet basic human needs (toilet facilities, water, food) must be accounted for. 

Food Supplies –  During the school year the kitchen in the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Port Ewen has a food supply capable of serving approximately 385 meals per day for a minimum of two days at all times.

  • Sheltering off site may be required when students and staff cannot remain in the building or on school grounds but also cannot be dismissed.  Such conditions require that an alternative site be available and that a means of moving or transporting students be arranged. 

Secondary Sheltering sites have been established at the following locations:
1.     Robert R. Graves Elementary School, 345 Mountain View Ave, Port Ewen, NY
2.     Rifton Fire Department, 24 Maple St, Rifton, NY
3.     Town of Esopus’ Community Room (Town Hall Building) 284 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY
4.     The Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck, 661 NY 308 Rhinebeck, NY
5.     The Rhinebeck Central School District located at 48 Knollwood Drive, Rhinebeck, NY

(f)      Terrorist Threats & Activities

In the event of terrorist threats or activities, building administrators shall be instructed by the District Superintendent or his/her designee to follow the recommended actions outlined in the NYS Homeland Security and Emergency Services.  The actions recommended are based on the level of alert declared by the state and federal governments. 

Section IV: Recovery

The extent of, and need for, disaster or emergency recovery depends in large part upon the nature of the incident.  The Ulster County BOCES administration will provide the necessary resources to ensure as smooth a transition back to normal operations as possible following an emergency or violent incident.

A.    Ulster County BOCES will support the Emergency Response Teams and the Post-Incident Response Teams in school buildings affected by emergencies or disasters by providing both financial and logistical support.  The agency will also assist these teams by interfacing with relevant regulatory agencies and the media.

B.    The Ulster County BOCES district office, under the direction of the District Superintendent, shall facilitate the coordination of disaster Mental Health Resources by interfacing with the State Emergency Management Office, the NYS Office of Mental Health, and the American Red Cross.

Approved: Board of Education Meeting August 23, 2023