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Webinar: Using the Performance Level Descriptors To Promote Meaningful Feedback in Science (Grades 3 - 8),(EA) Subscribe to Alerts

Contemporary science education has shifted away from student memorization and repetition of facts and towards the thoughtful sense-making of observable phenomena that reflects the 3-dimensions of science. To match the ideals of this shift, we must also engage in a more thoughtful dialog with our students to support them as they move towards proficiency in meeting the NYS Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS). The Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) released from NYSED in grades 3 - 8 can guide our work in providing students with meaningful feedback as well as encouraging students to be reflective about their own progress towards meeting our goals in science. This webinar will provide the opportunity to unpack the PLDs as well as provide useful feedback templates to use in your classroom.

Instructor: Jennifer Iversen

Audience: Administrators, Teaching Assistants, 3-8 Science Educators

Price: $37.50

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