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World Savvy Leadership Seminars

4 workshops/meetings (remote setting) - State Aidable with BOCES Co-Ser 509.001

I. Globally Competent Leadership for Complex Times: Participants explore WHY our system needs to change, WHAT students need to thrive in a global community, and HOW we can get it done. As people wrestle with the difference between complicated tasks and complex ones and use the frameworks from World Savvy to think deeply about how to lead with global competence, participants will reflect on the kind of school leader they want to be and the kind of leader their community needs them to be.

II. Developing Global Citizens: Explore the systems and practices that need to be in place to transform the classroom experience and ensure students are developing the skills and dispositions we know they need. What do your teachers need to engage deeply with this work? How can we accomplish this goal?

III. Creating Globally Competent School Communities: As communities become more polarized, discussions of education reform often get mired in political battles. The goal of this workshop is to explore how we get families and communities on board for this work. How can we help them understand both the moral AND economic imperative for preparing young people in this way? What has to happen at the school board level? How can we leverage local businesses to support our efforts?

IV. Building Sustainable Models for School Transformation: During this workshop, we will realistically consider long term planning and goals. What are the concrete steps you can take now to move this forward in your district? And what needs to happen for this work to continue long after you are gone?

Instructors: World Savvy

Audience: K-12

Price: $725.00
Subscriber Price: $650.00

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