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The Science and Joy of Learning: Building the Foundation of Visual Learning Classrooms and Schools--Session 1

How do you know your impact on student learning? Are you confident that your strategies will work? According to John Hattie (2009), Visible Learning and Teaching occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers and assess their own learning. Hattie uses "barometers" to present research findings to build the foundation of practices that have the strongest impact on student performance. Whether you attend one, or all five sessions, participants will walk away with actions that can be immediately implemented with students.

Five sessions are Free for subscriber districts participating in the Diverse Learners CoSer (Ellenville, Rondout, Wallkill, Onteora, Kingston,) and $75.00 per session for non subscribers.

Each session requires a separate registration.

Session 1-The Foundation components of Visible Learning 1/30/23
* What is Visible Learning?
* Characteristics of Visible Learners
* 10 Mind-frameworks for Visible Learning
* 6 Conditions for Implementing Visible Learning
* Impact Cycles- How do you know what works?

Participants will leave the training with tools to support students in the skills of Visual Learning.

Upcoming Sessions:
2-Assessment-Capable Visible Learners - Fostering Assessment-Capable Learners 2/23/23
3-Current Level of Understanding 3/1/23
4-Understanding Learning Intentions and Having Confidence to Achieve 3/6/23

5-Tools to Guide Learning 4/3/23

Instructor: Barbara Hastie

Price: $75.00

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