What is Educator Edge

Do you have the edge?

Educator Edge, a division of Ulster BOCES, is a veteran professional learning provider in New York State. We offer innovative strategies, consulting, training, and customized solutions for educators, school and district leaders, and the communities that support our students.

Educator Edge can help you transform teaching and learning by focusing on process and development. We train and consult with an emphasis on sustainable learning, an approach that nurtures individual development. Educator Edge prepares teachers, administrators, and their students for the educational demands of today, tomorrow, and the future. 

Educator Edge accommodates busy schedules and the numerous demands of our current climate through a variety of delivery options, from virtual consulting, online formats, or on-site meetings.

We leverage our global partners to architect customized plans. Just as every student is unique, we believe that solutions require customized and individual approaches. Pulling from our network, we are able to map strategies that fit your individual needs.

Educator Edge offers services in six core areas:

  • P-TECH (early college high school) Model Development & Sustainability 
  • Program Development: PBL, Global Competency, DEI, Workforce & College Alignment, Whole Child Approach
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Educational Data Analysis
  • Instructional Technology & Systems
  • School Culture & Social Emotional Learning