Summer Leadership Conference 2022

MHLI Summer 2022, In-Person at SUNY New Paltz, June 28
Join us to recharge, reconnect with your colleagues, and look ahead with intention in order to lead your schools to their next destination, whatever that may look like. 



Tom Murray of Future Ready Schools

Leading with Purpose 

What separates “leaders” from those who lead? This session will help leaders reflect on pandemic lessons learned, connect their passion to their work, understand the research behind effective leadership, and empower those around them to rise up and lead. To make the shifts discussed at today’s Institute, we as leaders must pave the way. Participants will take part in a handful of culture-building activities that they can bring back and impact their schools and classrooms. Today’s modern learners need bold leaders who model the way and create a culture of innovation. You are part of the solution!

Future Ready Schools 

Literacy as a Human Right

Honoring Black History by Looking to the Future with Jevon Hunter

“. . . With Literacy and Justice For All:” Teaching & Learning Literacy as Tool to Affirm Our Humanity

Often literacy work is disconnected from the lived experiences of youth, reflecting a reductive form of information consumption and production – there is no life transformation happening. This interactive workshop offers a model of how literacy can be a tool to assist youth in authoring their social identities, asserting their individual dignity, and re/claiming their intellectual freedom – in essence, affirming their total humanity, unapologetically. Indignation will be embraced; justice will be demanded.

Honoring Black History by Looking to the Future

Engagement for All

High tech High

Unpacking Workshop

Project Unpackings provide an in-depth exploration of project design. Deeper learning is experienced when learners and their intrinsic motivation is activated. This workshop is an interactive storytelling of a project that dives into strategies that increase engagement. This event is highly participatory and uses storytelling, reflection, and dialogue to learn deeply together.

Project Based Learning Examples at HTH

SEL Systems & Structures

el crew

Crew: Culture and Structure of Advisory

During this session, participants will be introduced to the EL Education concept of Crew. Crew bridges character development and academic mindset, building positive relationships among students and with their Crew Leader. The term comes from Kurt Hahn, founder of Outward Bound, and represents both a culture and advisory structure within EL schools. Crew bridges character development and academic mindset, building positive relationships among students and with their Crew Leader. The purpose of Crew will be discussed and participants will have an opportunity to explore the resources available to support implementation in the classroom. For those already engaging in advisory or similar structures, we will explore how the culture and spirit of Crew can be utilized to enhance student belonging in those spaces. We will also consider how leaders can directly support Crew culture, creating space for adult belonging through staff Crew.

We Are Crew | EL Education

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Center for Love & Justice

Journey Mapping as a Practice for Liberation

Unpack your life and your work as you practice radical self-care led by designers from the High Tech High GSE Center for Love & Justice. In this hands-on workshop, participants will engage the Equity Stances as a lens to name their histories, the histories of their community, and the history of this work through journey mapping. In caring for the self we support the soul of the work we must do together for our young people. Through this experience, we will plan forward with collective consciousness guiding progressive change to tell the story of our future. This will be a fun, interactive event where participants will use paper and color markers. A workshop playbook will be provided.

We are a Design School for Social Justice

Maker's Space

Hall of Descendants: the museum 

The future belongs to all of us, but we can’t build a future we haven’t imagined. Join the Stanford as we design the future.

The Stanford Hall of Descendents program is a radical invitation to shape our collective futures. One-part learning experience and one-part a collective art installation, the museum focuses around a constructivist activity where participants are asked to imagine their far-off future descendant as they build an abstract representation of this very same individual. Our work will then come together in an exhibition and gallery opening of the work created by the participants over the course of the day.

The opening of the Museum is sponsored by bulb digital portfolios. Enjoy a beverage and popcorn as you peruse your curation!

A Place for Designers & Learners 


bulb Digital Portfolios

Andrew Cary

Stop by to see bulb’s Andrew Cary to learn more about our sponsor. The bulb product is a simple, beautiful, and powerful digital portfolio, purpose-built for students, educators, and professionals to tell their learning story and showcase their accomplishments. Today, half a million bulb portfolios created in kindergarten, high school and beyond, are being used to document the learning process, encourage peer review, facilitate project-based learning, promote collaboration, and foster the development of healthy digital citizenship. Most importantly, bulb belongs to the portfolio owner for life, it's not a system owned by the school district, so they will always have a place to create, refine, and share their work for a lifetime.

Decorative Image of a Flashlight shining



Local Leaders

Hudson Valley Educator Spotlights

Local leaders present short sprints of innovative work they developed during the pandemic that empowered learners and adults. 

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Conference Schedule

8-8:45 AM
Registration, Breakfast, Networking; Stanford Museum opens for exploration

8:45-9:15  AM
Welcome; Opening Keynote with Thomas Murray, Future Ready Schools

9:15-9:30 AM
The Beauty of bulb Digital Portfolios with Andrew Cary

9:30-10 AM
Explore Stanford’s or Network

10-11:30 am
Session 1 Breakouts

11:30 Am - 12:30 PM
Lunch, Visit Stanford

12:30-2 PM
Session 2 Breakouts

2-2:30 PM
Campfire Connections: idea-generating sessions with local leaders and our presenters, who share enduring practices developed during the pandemic

2:30 PM
Refreshing Beverages & Self-Serve Snacks

2:30-3:30 PM
Stanford Hall of Descendents Museum Gallery Tour & Closing Keynote



Program Contact

For more information about the Summer Leadership Conference please contact:

Sarah Dudley-Lemek
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