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MHLI 2023

Join us to support school leaders who are shaping the future of their communities. 

We’ll explore this, and more:

  • Proactive techniques on the multitude of challenges facing public schools, educators, and leaders.

  • Methods to build internal capacity.

  • A foundational focus on leadership’s sustained success and wellness.



Laura McBain and Ariel Raz of Stanford’s d.School

Educator as Futurist: Moving beyond “Preparing for the future” to “Shaping the future”

We are in the midst of a global inflection point. In our quest for certainty, how do we move beyond feeling merely ‘prepared’ as if it is a multiple choice test with a predictive path, but instead be equipped with the literacies to notice unfolding trends, embrace ambiguity, and utilize bold imagination that create futures that look radically different than today. What ideas need to be retired? What uncomfortable truths need to be realized? How do we ensure that the future does not happen to us? If we are going to move forward toward more just futures, we need to look beyond the content requirements, and be capable of seeing and designing multiple futures for our young people.

Stanford’s d.School  

Literacy as a Human Right

Torrance Hampton

Genius Factor: Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

Make Your Passion Your Paycheck (MYPYP) is a challenge-based social emotional learning (SEL) career exploration workshop that aids educators with helping their students unpack their passion and activate their genius; ultimately creating alignment with their personal interests & career pathways, so work and play are one. The workshop is based on the book Genius Factor: Make Your Passion Your Paycheck by author Torrance Hampton and is designed to help educators accelerate success within their students while developing leadership qualities, college/career readiness, and transferable life skills.

Engagement for All

Kate Gerson and Kenan Bishop

Turning Up the Heat on Critical Conversations: Using Text-Based Dialogues as a Catalytic Driver for Leadership Improvement

Have you ever been challenged by a text? Great leaders leverage the understanding that moral reasoning is best learned through observation and discussion. Within this session, there will be no easy questions asked while close reading of text and reflective dialogue are used to help participants become better leaders who push one another toward new ways of thinking and living out Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) for a more just society. Participants will examine the moral significance of a rich text as a tool for shared discovery. The text will serve as a living partner in a conversation around what it means to be human. Reflective leaders will consider how to leverage this intentionally designed approach to text-based dialogues in their own leadership practice in order to drive improvement and shared vision amongst their teams.

SEL Systems & Structures

Jason Colombino

Gold Standard PBL

Participants will explore the role of leadership in creating the conditions that support and grow Gold Standard PBL, including a shared vision, building a culture of collaboration, and providing ongoing professional learning for capacity building. During this hands-on session participants will focus on understanding the key components of successful PBL and the leadership moves necessary to support them. Participants will diagnose their current school conditions and needs for optimal implementation of Gold Standard PBL. Participants will leave the session with a clear understanding of the role of leadership needed for successful Gold Standard PBL.


Nikki Hinostro headshot


Shani Leader headshot


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Nikki Hinostro and Shani Leader

Journey Mapping as a Practice for Liberation

Unpack your leadership journey as you practice radical self-care led by designers from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education Center for Love and Justice. In this hands-on workshop participants will engage the Equity Stances as a lens to name their histories, the histories of their community, and the history of this work through journey mapping. In caring for the self we support the soul of the work we must do together for our young people. Through this experience, we will plan forward with collective consciousness guiding progressive change to tell the story of our future! 

Center for Love and Justice

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Conference Schedule

8:45-9:15 AM
Registration, Breakfast, Checking in with Friends and Colleagues

9:15-10:15  AM
Welcome & Activation with the Stanford d.School

10:30-12:00 PM
Session 1 Breakout Sessions

12:00-1:00 PM

1:00-2:30 PM
Session 2 Breakout Sessions

2:45-3:15 PM
Reflection and Commitment with Stanford d.School

Keynote with Stanford d.School Room 203, College Lounge Vanderlyn Hall

Breakout Session Locations

Center for Love and Justice Room 111

PBL Works Room 114 

Rethinc Room 112

Torrance Hampton Room 113

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