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Article 18.2 (J)

Unit members who have accumulated seventy (70) sick days as of September 1 of each school year and, who use six (6) or less sick leave days during the school year, shall be entitled to cash in any or all of the remainder of their current unused sick days for that year. They shall be reimbursed (for each day sold back) at a rate of

$60.00 per day effective July 1, 2010

All requests must be submitted to the Personnel Department no later than June 15 of each year. This amount shall be paid by separate check within thirty (30) calendar days of the end of the school year. If a unit member accumulates the maximum number of sick days (Article 18.2 I.) the six (6) day or less requirement will be dropped.

Note: This article does not prevent a unit member from opting to accumulate the sick days. Unit members who use more than six (6) sick days during a school year shall only be allowed to accumulate the remaining days.

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Position: ______________________________________ Department:

I am a member of the Ulster BOCES Teachers' Organization and I have accumulated seventy (70) sick leave days as of September 1st of the current school year. At this time I have used six (6) or less current sick leave days for this school year and I would like to buyout my remaining current sick leave balance. I understand that my qualification for this benefit and the number of current sick days to be cashed in is contingent upon the actual number of current sick leave days used as of June 30th of this year.

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Unit member's accumulated sick leave days as of September 1st of current year: _____________________

Number of current sick leave days unit member used in the current school year: _____________________

Number of current sick leave days unit member is eligible to buyout: ______________________________

Total amount to be paid to unit member: ____________________________________________________

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