Appendix B

Ulster BOCES United Employees 


Ulster BOCES Employees’ Sick Bank



This policy covers employees who are classified as follows:

  • Ulster BOCES United Employees
  • Service Personnel
  • Service Professionals
  • Service Coordinators
  • Service Administrators


The Sick Bank has been created through the contribution of sick leave by employees of the UBUE and Service Employee Classifications for fellow UBUE and Service employees who are experiencing extensive loss of time due to illness, accident or recuperation.  In cases of catastrophic long term illnesses and/or accidents, or disabling long term illnesses and/or accidents, participants who have exhausted their individual sick leave benefits may request days from this bank.  It is expected that the beneficiaries of Sick Bank benefits will return to work and are not permanently disabled to the extent that their disability cannot be accommodated.  The Sick Bank is funded solely by and for employees in the above listed classifications who choose to participate and meet the eligibility requirements to participate.


A. Current Employees 

  • Current employees shall either have already contributed one (1) day of unused sick leave to the existing Sick Bank or will be eligible, during a special “Open Enrollment” period to join the Sick Bank by contributing one (1) day of unused sick leave to the Sick Bank.  
  • The special enrollment period will be held prior to the implementation of this policy to give all interested current employees an opportunity to join the Sick Bank without having to meet the one (1) year service requirement that will be enforced once this policy is activated.

B. New Employees 

  • New employees may join the Sick Bank after a minimum of one (1) year of service at Ulster BOCES by donating one (1) day of their accumulated sick leave days during the annual open enrollment periods which shall be September 1 through September 30 and March 1 through March 31 annually.
  • The Sick Bank year shall be October 1 through September 30.  Employees hired after September 30 will be eligible to participate in the Sick Bank after one (1) full Sick Bank year has passed.  
  • At the time of initial hire a form will be given to each new employee stating the date of their eligibility for membership.  The new hire may elect to join the