School Improvement

Co-Ser 555

School Improvement [Base Service]

Co-Ser 555.001

Through this service, the ongoing process of school redesign and reform is supported. Designed to assist and support school districts in strategic planning and implementing change, this service offers collaboration and support of district teams in the development of comprehensive and strategic district plans by providing supportive resources and/or team participation. District teams include, but are not limited to, Comprehensive District Education Plan, Professional Development, RtI AIS, and Building-Level. Local and regional activities are provided, as well as access to materials and practical assistance. Research and development on all current Regents Reform Initiatives is supported through this service.

Ulster BOCES staff provides leadership and resources. In addition, this service helps build county capacity through participation in statewide networks that focus on systematic improvement, such as SCDN, DATAG, Assessment Liaisons, Middle-Level Liaison, and the Statewide ELA.

Professional development in leadership, teaching and learning, curriculum and instruction, and data analysis is supported through this Co-Ser and its extensions. Participation in the Base Service (Co-Ser 555.001) is required to be eligible to purchase any of the School Improvement Extensions listed below.

School Improvement: Professional Development [Extension]

Co-Ser 555.001.002

Districts may choose to use this Co-Ser to develop customized opportunities including in-district facilitation as well as planning and coordination. Arrangements and charges will vary based on the district needs and the nature/scope of requests either on a per diem or project basis.


Gwendolyn Roraback
phone: 845.255.1402 x1390
fax: 845.255.3836

phone: 845.255.1402 x1269
fax: 845.255.3836

Professional Development in Assistive Technology

Co-Ser 555.001.004

This service provides professional development training to both general education and special education teachers promoting the integration of Assistive Technology (AT) within the academic environment. Teachers will be provided professional development and coaching on appropriate AT supports to help ensure that access is provided to all students who need differentiation of technology tools in the learning environment. This extension is eligible for NYS aid and may be utilized in concert with Co-Ser 329.


Barbara Tischler Hastie
phone: 845.255.1402 x1374
fax: 845.255.3836

Instructional Rounds [Extension]

Co-Ser 555.002

Accomplished educators and those striving to improve their practices can gain insightful understanding of what high-quality instruction looks like and what schools and districts need to support it. This program structures visitations to schools or specific classrooms based on the desired outcomes of the observing team. If improving instruction is part of a building’s/district’s Comprehensive District Education Planning (CDEP), School Improvement, and Professional Development Plan (PDP), the related substitute costs are aidable.


Gwendolyn Roraback
phone: 845.255.1402 x1390
fax: 845.255.3836

Educational Data Analysis Support [Extension]

co-ser 555.003

This service supports districts to advance student achievement by deepening understanding of the data-driven classroom and district data analysis. Through this service, support for the work of existing and newly formed Data Teams is offered. In addition, this service offers access to the Instructional Services-Data Workshop, which is offered during the summer to district data teams focusing on the interpretation and analysis of instructional data. Also included is the leveraging of opportunities for access to Graphical Interface Software (purchasing available through Co-Ser 525.007). Other items in this service include:

  • Leadership in data information sharing and NYSED initiatives
  • Access to comprehensive data resource
  • Participation in Data Work Group
    • Moodle
  • Data Bytes publication (quarterly resource)
  • LAP (other than Special Education) support
  • Review and provide feedback to district presentations
  • Access to JMT Data Team sharing
  • Attendance at one faculty meeting or SIT meeting
  • Participation in Instructional Services Data Conference
    • Heat Charts
      • By skill/subject/grade/building/district
      • Trend Report by teacher/building
      • Three-year chart by subject/grade/building/district
      • Review of district data presentations before faculty and board of education meetings.
    • Special Design for District
      • Run requested custom reports and provide graphs and charts to the district
      • Compile analysis by grade of areas in need of focus
      • Yearly BOCES item maps with standards

instructional specialist for educational data analysis [extension]

co-ser 555.003.001

In-district instructional data support/coaching for administrators and professional development/coaching for teachers is available on a per diem or project basis.

Examples of targeted work include:

  • Data Team, CDEP, PDP, RTI, AIS facilitation
  • NWEA/STAR facilitation/coaching
  • Data-driven dialogues
  • Analyze and review State assessment data
  • Facilitation and coaching on research-based vendor assessments (i.e., STAR and NWEA)
  • Assessment review and design
  • Statewide Data System training
  • Prepare district presentations
  • District report card predication
  • Utilize various statistical techniques to project performance based on history
  • Data analysis with graphical interface software:
    • Training/coaching/project management

Participation in Co-Ser 555.003 Educational Data Analysis Support is required.


phone: 845.255.1402 x1269
fax: 845.255.3836

NYS Grades 3-8 ELA & Math Scoring [Extension]

co-ser 555.007

Ulster BOCES supports districts by facilitating the scoring process for NYS Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Assessments. This service ensures that the delivery method is in accordance with all NYSED regulations and district scoring practices. Ulster BOCES disseminates all NYSED scoring updates and other information that ensures quality processes to districts.

Regional Scoring New Scorer & New Rubric Training [Extension]

co-ser 555.007.002
New scorer training for all teachers new to the profession or discipline is essential to consistent and accurate scoring. Participants will distinguish the difference between grading and scoring, become familiar with the appropriate scoring rubric, and practice scoring with a trained scoring leader. New scorer training is available for applicable New York State exams including Science 4 & 8 and all Regents exams, including the Comprehensive Examination for Check Point A and B. Information on all New York State testing requirements and expectations are included in this service.

Regional Scoring Collaborative Alignment [Extension] Proficiency at Checkpoint A & The Comprehensive Examination at Checkpoint B

co-ser 555.007.003

Districts will have access through Ulster BOCES for two LOTE final exams: The Proficiency at Checkpoint A and The Comprehensive Examination at Checkpoint B. District selected teachers will work with a program leader in assessment design and editing. This service includes preparation of exam materials.

Curriculum Mapping [Extension]

co-ser 555.010

This service is designed to support districts in the development of curriculum mapping and related resources. This may include guided preparation of materials by a team of teachers to support the Common Core Learning Standards, new assessment practices, and technology applications. Product orientation sessions for each project are designed to support implementation at the local level. Continuous updating of instructional practices around the Common Core Learning Standards is included. This targeted work can delivered during the summer or school year.

Major Initiatives [Extension]

co-ser 555.012

Collaborative one- to three-year initiatives are recommended by the Instructional Advisory Council to facilitate data-driven instructional improvements to enhance student performance. Key district educators are tapped to receive extensive training, produce materials, and support improvement in the district. Focused countywide curriculum development projects centered on new standards, such as Social Studies, Science, and the Arts, can be developed through this extension. Accomplished educators provide in-class coaching to assist teachers with improving their content knowledge and instructional delivery.


Stephanie Laffin
Instructional Specialist
phone: 845.255.1402 x1365
fax: 845.255.3836

School Safety/District Support & Assessment [Extension]

co-ser 555.013

A district may request a per diem safety specialist to provide in-district support to assist in comprehensive school safety planning and implementation. The safety specialist works in collaboration with administration to customize services with staff and/or students. Services may include:

  • District-wide School Safety Plan Reviews: This includes the assessment of district plans for alignment with legal requirements of the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (SAVE).
  • Building Level Emergency Response Plans: This includes assistance with reviewing and training to ensure alignment with state-mandated formats and requirements.
  • Code of Conduct Reviews: This included reviewing the Code of Conduct to determine conformity with the SAVE and Dignity for All Students Act requirements.
  • Facility Assessment: A comprehensive review of physical plant and school environment by site walk-through and observation is conducted. A report with actionable recommendations based on the key findings will be provided for the building reviewed.
  • School Climate Assessment: This is conducted with students, instructional and non-instructional staff, and parents. Buildings will be provided with summary reports to assist with implementation planning.
  • Mandatory Office of Civil Rights Training on Title IX: This is available for administrators, including Title IX coordinators.
  • Office of Civil Rights review of report to assist with response and implementation plans.
  • Investigation by a Level I and Level II certified Civil Rights investigator for any cases related to Title IX and the Dignity Act.
  • The district is provided with a report with actionable recommendations, which summarize key findings from the assessment, to support district planning.


Gwendolyn Roraback
phone: 845.255.1402 x1390
fax: 845.255.3836