Public Information

Co-Ser 609

Tier I Public Information [Base Service]

CO-SER 609.000.000

The award-winning Ulster BOCES Community Relations team works collaboratively with a district’s central administration to enhance its communication and public relations efforts. By utilizing trained professionals in the public relations field, participants of this Co-Ser benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of a planned and targeted communications service. Service levels are customized to meet districts’ specific needs. On-site specialists are available to participants with a three or more day a week participation level.

The basic Public Information service (Tier I) provides districts with:

  • A skilled team of public relations professionals with specialties in journalism/writing, graphic arts, photography, website development, and social media communications.
  • Projects produced using industry-specific layout/design software and equipment, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Publications (ranging from calendars and newsletters to annual reports and graduation programs) produced by a staff that has been recognized by both the New York State and National School Public Relations Associations for outstanding quality and achievement in the production of school communications.
  • Trusted relationships with many area print service providers that foster a smooth production schedule and generate economical printing bids/quotes.
  • Valuable relationships with local media that have been built and nurtured on the basis of trust and respect.
  • Skilled writers and photographers whose articles and photographs appear regularly in local newspapers.

Tier II Public Information [Extension]

CO-SER 609.000.001

Tier II Public Information services are available for intensive communications issues, such as capital project support, video production, or complex crisis communication. Tier II services are billed at an additional hourly cost, as quoted.

Website ADA Compliance

CO-SER 609.002

The Americans with Disabilities Act (also known as ADA) is a comprehensive civil rights law that was enacted to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination. While most people are familiar with the physical accommodations, such as wheelchair ramps, many do not realize this legislation also applies to the virtual world. Accessibility requirements for websites calls for content to be accessible to all, including users with disabilities. Meeting these standards can pose challenges to school districts, especially when there are typically many website contributors with varying degrees of technical expertise.

Just a few examples of web accessibility include ensuring videos are programmed with closed captions, coding all images with alt tags, designing navigation that can be controlled with a keyboard, and using appropriate HTML code so assistive technologies can properly understand and render content. The use of tables, forms, and PDFs on websites also creates complicated accessibility challenges. PDFs must be properly designed to ensure a screen reader can decipher the information correctly. Tables and forms must be properly coded so the screen reader knows how to navigate the content. Forms need to properly navigate users through fields that contain sufficient descriptions and instructions for completion.

Meeting ADA compliance standards isn’t “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of work. Specific procedures and workflows must be established and implemented, along with training, to ensure that new content meets the standards.

This service will assist districts with understanding and applying the standards needed to maintain an ADA compliant website. A web accessibility expert will work with districts to address accessibility needs. The work will be highly customizable, depending on the district’s needs and in-house capacity. We can provide consultation on how to address problems, training on accessibility, or our experts can directly address site issues needed for compliance. An annual user-group meeting will be held to discuss accessibility issues and solutions.

There are two components of cost for this service: a base coordination fee, along with customized quotes based on specific service plans developed for the district. Contact Community Relations for your custom proposal.

Also available is ongoing monitoring of ADA issues, as well as quality assurance reporting of broken links, spelling errors, or SEO issues, available through Instructional Services.


Holly Brooker
Community Relations Coordinator

175 Route 32 North
New Paltz, NY 12561
phone: 845.255.1450 x1301

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