Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Communication Plans

Ulster BOCES statement: Ulster BOCES will maintain transparent communication with employees, students and families about health and safety plans, procedures, and pandemic updates.

Communication plans for:

  • Individual student/bus possible contamination
  • Go pro tutorials building entry
  • Safety protocols for transportation
NYSDOH/CDC: protocol for isolation
  • Any person identified will be isolated according to the isolation plan. The isolation plan will be shared with districts, employees, families, and students
  • Parent pick up responsibilities 
  • Return to school 
    • Parents or Guardians will receive specific instructions of what documentation will be required for students to return to school after failed screening.
    • Parents will receive specific guidance on how long a student will not be attending school - individual case by case
DOH reporting
  • Knowledge of a positive COVID report immediately to Ulster County Department of Health 
  • Along with all that were in contact or defined proximity and duration with infected person for contact tracing
Should a student test positive and/or scan with high temp
  • Pre drafted instructions and steps to take to return to school provided to family
  • Knowledge of a positive test - UCDOH notified immediately as per DOH guidelines
  • Superintendent informed immediately (phone call - text, email)
  • Building and district administrators will relay information to the component district administrators or the component district designee.
Communications between divisions when students are isolated
  • District Superintendent or designee is notified by building principal.
  • District Superintendent’s Office will communicate isolation events with all other divisions.
  • Superintendent will be included in all COVID-19 related communications