Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing Protocols

Ulster BOCES statement: Ulster BOCES will institute protocols to maintain daily cleaning and sanitizing schedules in order to maintain a healthy and safe physical environment in all of our buildings.
Implementation at each site:

  • Buildings (All Ulster BOCES buildings) 

  • High touch areas cleaned every 2 hours during program operations in all buildings (door knobs, elevators, stair railings, bathrooms etc) 

  • Every shared table surface used to eat will be cleaned between uses, both indoor and outdoor

  • All buildings and rooms used to be sanitized daily - fogger 

  • Logs to be maintained to document sanitizing dates and times

Common Areas:

  • Sanitizing wipes will be positioned in strategic places

  • Deep cleaning of all common spaces each day

  • Cleaned in between different  drivers or cohorts
Simple red card green card system to notify custodial to disinfect or sanitize

Develop post contamination protocols for cleaning all contaminated areas
  • All potentially contaminated areas will be sealed for 24 hours as recommended by the CDC after which they will be sanitized and disinfected.