Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Summary of our Approach

Our Health & Safety guidelines will incorporate recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Ulster BOCES training videos provided here.

Daily Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols

Ulster BOCES will institute protocols to maintain daily cleaning and sanitizing schedules in order to maintain a healthy and safe physical environment in all of our buildings.

Communication Plans

Ulster BOCES will maintain transparent communication with employees, students and families about health and safety plans, procedures, and pandemic updates.

Contract Tracing

Ulster BOCES will maintain DOH recommendations for tracing contacts of employees and students with potentially Covid-19 infected/exposed people.

Returning to School  

Ulster BOCES will maintain confidentiality while remaining clear and prompt with communication with school districts, employees, students, and families about people returning after covid diagnosis and treatment/screenings, temporary closures due to identified Covid-19 cases, and reopening timelines and procedures.

Emergency Evacuations and Drills 

Ulster BOCES will follow NYS and UCCDC,  DOH recommendations for social distancing for employees and students during all emergency and crisis drills.  The current drill procedures have been modified to meet those guidelines.

School Meals

Ulster County BOCES will adhere to CDC and NYS DOH recommendations for social distancing for employees and for students while preparing and delivering school provided meals to students as well as adhering to nutritional guidelines.

Hand Washing and Hygiene

Ulster County BOCES will implement CDC, NYS and UC DOH recommendations and guidelines for scheduled hand-washing and personal hygiene throughout the school day in helping to mitigate Covid-19 transmission.

Physical and Social Distancing

Ulster BOCES will adhere to all CDC, NYS and UC DOH guidelines for social distancing in and outside of all buildings, on all campuses, and on all Ulster BOCES properties.


To the extent possible due to the age and capacity of our air handling equipment, Ulster County BOCES will adhere to all CDC and NYS and UC DOH recommendations for proper air flow and turnover. Current ventilation systems capacities will be supplemented by facility modifications and procedures to increase circulation of outside air in every building.

Personal Protective Equipment

Ulster County BOCES will adhere to CDC and NYS and UC  DOH recommendations for supply of, access to, and use of all PPE equipment and materials. Every Ulster BOCES site will have protocols in place to maintain and track inventory of PPE supplies.

Outside Traffic Flow

Ulster BOCES will enact systems to maintain safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian flow while providing for social distancing and allowing for health screenings.

Inside Traffic Flow

Ulster County BOCES will adhere to CDC and NYS and UC  DOH recommendations for social distancing within each location, limiting contact with others as much as possible within every location.

Isolation Plans

Ulster County BOCES will adhere to CDC and NYS and UC  DOH recommendations for isolation of visitors, students, and employees who do not pass screening guidelines when arriving at the building(s).  Each site will have a separate designated isolation room for students who do not pass screening protocols upon entering buildings.  All adults who do not pass the required screening protocols will be denied entry, except that staff who have a documented chronic condition that may mimic  COVID-19 symptoms, will be sent to the school nurse for further evaluation. 

Educational Plans 

Ulster BOCES will provide educational materials and videos to parents, students, staff and the school community with regard to maintaining health and safety in the school buildings, on buses and in general.


Ulster BOCES will provide safe and consistent transportation of students and staff while maintaining proper social distancing and PPE use as recommended by the NYSED, CDC, and NYS and UC DOH.