Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan


Ensure all stakeholders are informed of critical decisions, changes to policies, and important Covid19 related events in a timely manner delivered using a variety of communication channels .

All Stakeholders will be notified regarding the following: 
  • Opening Plans -- posted on website, and communicated to students/parents via multiple communication channels
  • Process by which families/caregivers can contact the school and teachers with questions about their instruction and/or technology
  • Proper safety protocols for students such as hand hygiene, proper face covering wearing , social distancing, and respiratory hygiene
  • The home health screening process      
  • The specific procedures that will be followed when a positive COVID-19 case emerges in our school community     
  • The specific procedures that will be used to clean .
  • The procedures for schools to conduct all mandatory safety drills with modifications ensuring social distancing between persons.
  • Student driving protocols 

Channels of Communication:
  • School Messenger recommended as the channel of communication (phone call, text, email)
  • Ulster BOCES Website 
  • Mobile PIT Crew home visits (when needed) 
  • Building leadership, School Nurses, 
  • Letters
  • Beginning of school packet that is provided each student
  • Online Training
  • YouTube Live/Town Halls with DS and/or Principals - Organizational Wide - once before school, once during the first month of school, follow-up as needed

Making communication accessible:  
  • Letters will be created in student home languages 
  • Identify student home language and be prepared to translate communications into home languages
  • Ensure staff are updated on the latest safety protocols so they can teach and set a good example for students
  • Identify parents/guardians that are unable to access the Ulster BOCES website (eg: visual impairment, lack of access to internet, etc) and determine the best mode of communication



CDC Schools & Childcare Programs

NYS Public Health Resources 

Ulster County Mental Health

NYS Coronavirus Information Hotline: 888.364.3065