Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Two-Way Feedback

Feedback is essential to ensuring that we are meeting the needs of our stakeholders. We are committed to establishing and maintaining communication systems by which stakeholders can provide feedback and get timely, accurate answers to their COVID-19 related questions.  

Feedback Protocols

  • The District Superintendent will be available via a dedicated email account and / or a form on the website to answer stakeholder questions on emergency plans and provide COVID-19 related information.  Responses to the questions received via these tools will be compiled and shared on a FAQ section of the Ulster BOCES COVID-19 website. 

  • The Ulster BOCES-wide committee that includes parents, students and staff will be utilized to offer ongoing feedback on the reopening plan and to routinely provide feedback about how school is going and other relevant topics.  

  • A dedicated phone hotline to the District Superintendent’s central administration team will be established to provide stakeholders the opportunity to speak directly with him or a member of the senior staff

Implementation Organizational Wide:

  • Ongoing communication between BOCES and Districts regarding COVID-19 protocols will be discussed at Superintendent meetings.

  • The Executive Assistant to the District Superintendent will review all incoming communications and draft responses to post on the website.

  • The hotline will be added to District Superintendent offices phones. Members of the Central Office staff will have the responsibility for redirecting or directly answering all calls. All building-level receptionists/secretaries will be advised of the protocol for directing calls to the District Superintendent’s staff/hotline.


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