Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Teaching, Learning & Educational Commitments

The instructional model chosen will become the foundation of a student’s and family’s future experience in their school community. There are many considerations and decision-making points we will need to consider in our planning. First and foremost, our planning for the instructional schedule model for each program needs to focus on ensuring student learning and competency development while also considering a student’s social–emotional well-being. We have an unprecedented opportunity to improve how we care for and educate each child. Our goal is to enhance our schools and programs as we implement more student-centered designs throughout our North Star Educational Commitments.

  • Learners will develop their unique self 
  • Learners will develop their capacity 
  • Learners will contribute to the community 
  • Learners will engage in continuous cycles of inquiry 

How Might We (HMW) questions use a variety of creative approaches to develop generative, energizing questions used to drive a brainstorming process as our development continues. These Teaching, Learning & Educational Commitments HMW questions are the result of emerging themes from our Phase 1 feedback.

  • HMW capitalize on momentum, knowledge, skills developed during Spring to redesign what school might look like in the future?
  • HMW create opportunities for choice that play to the student’s strengths?
  • HMW create opportunities for students to solve problems in their communities and in their schools?
  • HMW leverage the fact that the pandemic created opportunities to innovate?
  • HMW create opportunities to learn and socialize outside?