Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Expectations of our Staff for Blended & Virtual Instructional Models

  1. Teachers are expected to collaborate online or via video conferencing with colleagues to share assignments and activities such that there is consistency in the provision of best practice activities and lessons.
  2. Teachers of shared students must be sensitive to the potential of competing demands on each student’s time from other teachers and from the home district. We must be sensitive to the emotional well-being of our students and their families.

  3. Art and Physical Education teachers should be preparing lessons and activities that promote physical and psychological wellbeing and which encourage creativity and imagination. These special area teachers must collaborate with the classroom teachers so that the presentation of learning activities compliments the activities being provided by the classroom teacher.  

  4. Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, and Crisis Counselors must provide social-emotional support activities and must make themselves available for conferencing with individual student, their parents or caregivers or both.  Mental health tips should be prepared and shared with students and parents on a regular basis for the duration of the closure.  

  5. Individual teachers and support staff should maintain a daily log which minimally indicates:
    1. The nature and description of the outreach effort (assignment, video lesson, project)
    2. The date and duration of the outreach 
    3. The platform used for the outreach (Google Classroom, email, learning packet)
    4. Other interactions or activities (PD workshop, webinar, reading and research, collaborative planning meetings)
Logs should be emailed on a weekly basis to your building principal or program director who will review and offer feedback as appropriate.
  6. All teachers, and support staff should be available via email or Zoom meeting during the traditional hours of the school day and should respond to staff and parent outreach within a short period of time.

  7. Teachers should include the appropriate building administrator to any scheduled teaching activity so that the administrator can visit.  Building principals will assign an administrator to each teacher.

  8. Teachers and Support staff should have “office hours” for at least one hour per day at a time when students, parents and colleagues can reasonably reach them. The selected office hour time period for each day should be sent to your building principal who will post them for reference by all.  
  9. Teachers will maintain a record of student attendance at their virtual class sessions or activities.  If a student misses two consecutive days of activities the principal should be notified so that appropriate follow up can be initiated.  Teachers are encouraged to follow-up with students who miss activities.

  10. All teachers who have a teaching assistant should conduct regular collaborative planning meetings with teacher assistants and teacher aides assigned to them or to the students in their class.  Specific assignments should be communicated to each teacher assistant and teacher aide on a regular basis.   

  11. Special education consultant teachers will provide support to teachers to ensure learning activities are accessible to a diverse range of learners in compliance with student IEs, including direct support to students and families as needed and/or requested.  Such teachers will be the point of contact for component district personnel in meeting the needs of students with IEPs.

  12. Speech/Language, Occupational and Physical Therapists are expected to communicate suggested activities and lessons that are designed to support the work of the classroom teacher.  They are also expected to communicate with students and parents on a regular basis to provide any IEP related service to the greatest extent possible.  All IEP required contacts should be documented as such in the activity log.  

  13. Social Workers, Psychologists and Guidance Counselors (Student Support Team) must communicate with all students and families on no less than a weekly basis.  They can provide individual consultations via secure video conferencing or phone calls.  All IEP required contacts should be documented as such in the activity log.  Additionally, teachers will notify program administrators if a student misses two consecutive days of virtual class sessions.  The administrator will assign the outreach to one member of the student support team who will use a variety of methods to connect with the student and/or their parents to encourage participation.     

  14. Teachers are encouraged to contact Social Workers, Psychologists and Guidance Counselors if they feel that an individual student needs social or emotional support.  Teacher initiated requests must be addressed as a high priority item.

  15. Teaching Assistants and Teacher Aides will continue to serve as a resource for teachers and students as appropriate.  They are expected to attend all required meetings, attend collaborative planning meetings as scheduled by the individual teacher, and provide 1:1 or one to small group virtual support to their assigned students.  It is expected that each Teaching Assistant and Teacher Aide will have daily contact with their assigned student(s) with the guidance of their special education classroom teacher.  

  16. School Nurses will serve as members of the Student Support Team along with Social Workers, Psychologists and Guidance Counselors.  Nurses will stay informed and update the other members of the Student Support Team and the school administration on any community developments that could potentially impact any of our programs.

  17. School Nurses will also assist with the ensuring school attendance efforts.  

  18. School Nurses will collaborate with our Physical Education teachers and assist them in preparing lessons that would be designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  19. Instructional Support Staff will continue to meet the purchased FTE commitment with our component districts on a schedule determined by the program Director of Instructional Services.  

  20. Instructional Support Staff will provide instructional support for the technology integration efforts of our instructional faculty and support staff.

  21. Instructional Support Staff will hold regular office hours for on-call assistance.

  22. Instructional Support Staff will develop instructional tools and assist teachers and staff with the integration of any supported tool or application.

  23. Schedules permitting, Instructional Support Staff will be available to coach, model, co-teach or otherwise support instruction in our programs using a variety of methods (synchronous and asynchronous).

*Developed by BOCES Administrative Team as informed by New Paltz CSD and Chappaqua CSD Guides