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Expectations & Supports

All Ulster BOCES Student Based Programs have a set of expectations for conduct during participation in Ulster County BOCES learning experiences and school functions, both virtually and in-person. These expectations are based on the principles of civility, mutual respect, citizenship, character, tolerance, honesty and integrity, all of which are reflective of community and workplace standards and essential to develop a strong character.

The school setting, whether virtual or in-person, provides an opportunity to teach students and emphasize among staff, that cooperation with and respect for others is a key value of Ulster BOCES. A program geared to prevention is designed to not only decrease incidents of discrimination, harassment, bullying, taunting or intimidation, but to help students build more supportive relationships with one another by integrating the prevention and intervention program into classroom instruction. We are committed to cultivating the unique gifts, talents, and interests of every learner, rejecting all forms of racism and discrimination of any kind.


All of the detailed plans for education and support are available in the comprehensive Ulster County BOCES Behavioral Expectations and Supports plan. Below is a summary of the expectations and supports for Ulster BOCES students, faculty, staff, and families.


Staff members and students will be sensitized through BOCES-wide professional development and instruction, to the warning signs of discrimination, harassment, bullying, taunting or intimidation, as well as to their responsibility to become actively involved in the prevention of such acts before they occur. The Board recognizes its responsibility to educate students for appropriate conduct.

Our goal is to clearly define the expectations for acceptable conduct on school property, identify the possible consequences of unacceptable conduct, and to ensure that discipline, when warranted, is administered promptly and fairly. All students can achieve, should you stumble along the way, interventions and supports will be provided. The goal is to foster social emotional growth and pro-social behavior and prevent future misbehavior.

Supports and Interventions

Supports and interventions are an integral part of a comprehensive response to misconduct. Schools are required to provide and document supports at all stages of the disciplinary process, including during suspension. When used consistently and appropriately, interventions help improve student behavior, lower the incidence of repeated misbehavior, and contribute to a more positive school environment. Supports may include any of the interventions that best meet the needs of the student.

Universal Prevention for All Students

Ulster BOCES takes a whole school approach to promoting positive student behavior. Social emotional learning is infused into the curriculum. School staff meet regularly to ensure that there is a comprehensive student support program in place that includes counseling services, guidance, opportunities for social emotional learning, student engagement opportunities, and prevention and intervention behavioral supports to encourage and foster prosocial student behavior, foster resiliency, and build students’ positive connection to the school community.
The school has a system in place for early identification of students in need of prevention, intervention, and/or supports.


Ulster BOCES Behavioral Expectations and Supports