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Feedback & Grading

Holistic Feedback

The levels represent holistic feedback and assessment of student effort and work. Teachers should consider all aspects of individual students’ situations including access to technology, level of support, social/emotional health of student and family as well as academic performance. 

Teachers will provide narrative style feedback for each student.  Teachers will provide a brief statement discussing the learning experiences provided to the student and they will provide a statement regarding the students progress toward the learning goals. Statements will focus on three areas: progress, process and product. 
At the conclusion of each quarterly marking period, students will receive a numeric grade and a holistic mastery level descriptor rating. This rating will be supported by a narrative paragraph describing the learning experience provided as well as a paragraph specifically discussing each individual student's progress toward meeting the learning standard. This statement will include comments on the student's relative mastery and commentary related to work produced/attempted. 

Throughout the learning journey students will receive formative feedback on a consistent and regular basis. The formative feedback will correlate to NYS learning standards, Career Development and Occupational Studies standards and Technical Industry Standards.

In reporting to parents teachers will: 1. Include positive comments. 2. Describe learning goals or expectations (Include samples of the student’s work). 3. Provide suggestions on how parents can help. 4. Stress parents’ role as partners in the learning process.

Remediation: Let’s engage with the learning!

Emerging: Let’s increase the learning and engagement. 

Developing: You are engaged, perhaps you can deepen your learning? 

Approaching Mastery: Keep at it, you are engaged and learning.

Mastery: Keep it up. You are engaged and consistently meeting expectations.

What does this look like?

Grading scale chart