Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

North Star Educational Commitments

Our North Star Educational Commitments were designed to foster a learning environment in which all learners will be able to develop their unique self and their capacity, and contribute to community through continuous cycles of inquiry.

Learners will develop their unique self

We believe that learning is a process of discovery through which one increases self-awareness, explores identities, finds personal joy and clarifies core values.  This involves fostering different paths to success and providing opportunities to reflect on one’s life, strengths, needs, and goals.

Learners will develop their capacity

We believe that, given support and opportunities, all learners will be continually inspired to persevere and maximize their potential.  We support each individual’s unique way of learning, giving them an understanding of themselves as lifelong learners.  We honor each learner’s learning path, energize them to develop skills, expand their mind, grow in all areas, and meet current and future goals.

Learners will contribute to the community

We believe that community means helping others through communication, engagement, connections, learning, caring, a safe environment, trust, and celebration of our diversity.  We will create a safe and positive environment to prepare our learners for success at BOCES and beyond.

Learners will engage in continuous cycles of inquiry

We believe that we must develop the motivation in learners for them to investigate the world, understand multiple perspectives, and fully engage in meaningful experiences.  This requires a method of setting goals, creating a plan, implementing strategies, observing, assessing, and revising.  This reflection leads to new understandings, questions, and evolving collaboration.