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Professional Development: Adult Learners

All adult learners (Faculty & Staff) will be able to develop their unique self, to develop their individual capacity, and to contribute to the school community through continuous cycles of inquiry. We believe that given support and opportunities, all adult learners will be continually inspired to persevere and maximize their potential. 

We support each adult’s unique way of learning, giving them an understanding of themselves as lifelong learners. We honor each learner’s learning path, energize them to develop skills, expand their mind, grow in all areas, and meet current and future goals within their professional practice in order to improve student performance. 


Adult learners pursuing their full capacity will engage in, but are not limited to, the following indicators:

  • Identify and pursue professional goals

  • Share life experiences 

  • Create an environment of acceptance and equity

  • Develop curriculum of activities for student to explore and identify interests and strengths

  • Model confidence and self efficacy

  • Pursue individualized professional development plans

  • Provide social, emotional and mental health support

  • Strengthen instructional technology skillset

Instructional Services:

  • Statewide Standards PD:
  • SEL, UDL, Trauma Informed Practices, SPED, Literacy, SS, Sci, Math, S/CDN, Teaching and Leader Evaluations, Model Schools, Distance Education
  • Regional PD and Committee:
  • JMT, Ed Tech Work Group
  • ISPD
  • Mid-Hudson Leadership Institute
  • Conferences (Bank Street,ISTE, HTH, AT, Columbia Teachers College)
  • Technology to facilitate student centered learning, engagement, and interaction, and inquiry (i.e. opportunities to reflect and workshop) 
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