Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Student Engagement, Attendance & Outreach

Ulster BOCES is committed to promoting student engagement/attendance. We recognize that many factors will influence student engagement/attendance, and may be greatly impacted by the instructional models provided; in-person, blended, and remote. 

All programs will record daily engagement/attendance when school opens in September whether in-person, blended, or remote. Attendance procedures will be communicated with families and students prior to the start of the school year or if the instructional model changes during the year. Teachers will record daily engagement/attendance in SchoolTool, our student management system, based on the required daily schedule for  student contact and engagement. Daily reports will be generated to identify students who are absent and/or in need of outreach. Contact with the families will be made daily to determine reasons for absence and needs or barriers the student may have to participate in daily lessons. Communication with families about attendance matters will be in their preferred language and mode of communication.

Our commitments are as follows:

1. Nurture a culture of engagement

  • Communicate clearly to families and students the expectations for participating based on the model of instruction 
  • Explain the importance of engagement to the entire school community 
  • Monitor daily engagement and attendance in order to provide intervention and support (i.e. outreach)
  • Practice empathy toward self and others.

2. Early Identification and Intervention 

  • Each program regularly monitors engagement/attendance data and communicates with staff, students and parents/guardians  in order to promote engagement.
  • Use data to inform the Communication and Outreach Team (COT) in order to establish intervention plans for outreach (i.e. parent phone call, home visit, counseling, instructional modifications, community partner engagement, etc.) 

3. Promote a positive school culture with a focus on engaging instruction through a social emotional lens

  • Establish and maintain positive teacher-student relationships and tend to relationships.
  • Design and deliver meaningful, project-based interactive learning experiences
  • Set clear expectations, check for understanding often, and provide timely, relevant feedback 
  • Allow students to take ownership of their learning, and foster a sense of competence
  • Focus on designing learning experiences that promote: leadership, creativity, multiple literacies, global competence and self-direction.
  • Approach learning through cycles of inquiry in order to encourage learners to investigate their world, recognize perspectives of others, communicate their findings and in order to take action that improves conditions for others.

Recognizing Engagement, Performance & Effort

Ultimately, our goal is to recognize engagement, performance, and effort and to provide feedback, support, and intervention to move students forward. 

Four Level Scale 

The student based programs will be using the following four level scale to measure engagement in order to establish intervention plans for outreach.

Level 1: Absence recorded in SchoolTool

Level 2-4: Presence recorded in SchoolTool