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The Learning Journey: Developing Unique Self & Capacity

All Ulster BOCES student based programs will utilize two-week cycles of inquiry, through a globally focused curriculum that engages students in their own learning and that motivates them to strive for knowledge and understanding. This approach will encourage students to independently construct information and develop global competence.  Our goal is to recognize performance, engagement, effort and to provide holistic feedback, support, and intervention to move students forward. 

Implementation at each site:

All student-based programs will utilize the following template to develop inquiry-based lessons, in which students will investigate the world through the lens of their discipline and program, consider a variety of perspectives, communicate ideas, and take meaningful action. The learning cycle approach will culminate with student presentations of learning, curated project cards, and student-led conferences.



Cycles of Inquiry Template
High Tech High Schools - Education Design Kit
PBL Project Cards
Global Competence
High Tech High Project Launch