Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan

Teaching & Learning

Mandatory Assurances

  1. Each BOCES reopening plan includes a continuity of learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Such plan must prepare for in-person, remote, and blended models of instruction.
  2. Each BOCES reopening plan includes an educational program that is aligned to the New York State Learning Standards regardless if instruction is delivered in-person, remotely or in a blended model.
  3. Each BOCES reopening plan provides for a program that includes regular substantive interaction between teachers and students whether delivered in- person, remotely or through a blended model of instruction
  4. Equity must be at the heart of all BOCES instructional decisions. All instruction should be developed so that whether delivered in-person, remotely, or through a blended model due to a local or state school closure, there are clear opportunities for instruction that are accessible to all students. Such opportunities must be aligned with State standards and include routine scheduled times for students to interact and seek feedback and support from their teachers.
  5. BOCES must create a clear communication plan for how students and their families/caregivers can contact the school and teachers with questions about their instruction and/or technology. This information needs to be accessible to all, available in multiple languages based on BOCES need, widely disseminated, and include clear and multiple ways for students and families to contact schools and teachers (e.g., email, online platform, and/or by phone).
  6. BOCES that contract with eligible agencies, including CBOs, to provide Prekindergarten programs must attest that they have measures in place to ensure eligible agencies with whom they contract will follow health and safety guidelines outlined in NYSED guidance and required by the New York State Department of Health. The BOCES must also ensure their eligible agencies have a Continuity of Learning plan that addresses in-person, remote, and blended models of instruction.