Reopening and Reimagining for a Brighter Future - Reopening Plan


A. Ulster BOCES will review and refine the process of ensuring staff and students have access to internet access and devices in collaboration with component districts.

  • Survey all students, staff, and parents in English and Spanish to assess need.
  • Review and refine collaborative partnerships with home districts to reduce duplication of services and communication

B. Ulster BOCES will review the technology needs of students and families through a lens of promoting equity that includes, but is not limited to:    

  • Due dates, synchronous expectations, clarified expectations and access to support
  • Capacity of the home environment to support instruction specific to building program needs
  • Lack of access to a printer
  • Identify ways for students to demonstrate mastery of learning standards in remote or blended models, providing for students who do not yet have sufficient access to devices or high-speed internet access

    • Using a flash drive if there is no home internet connection 
    • Process of using textbooks or paper until technology needs can be met

C. Ulster BOCES will review and familiarize students, families and staff with the online tools and platforms needed to be successful in a blended or online environment; as well as, provide IT support to support all user groups.

Utilize the same tools and platforms in both the blended and distance model, as much as possible to promote familiarity and confidence 

Review, revise and create video-how-to libraries for staff, students and families including videos in Spanish and any other commonly needed home languages

Review Ed Law 2-d and Part 121 with staff and refine platform use as needed.

Review and refine IT Support for staff, students and families (ie: on-demand call center)


NYSED Reopening Guidance  (pp 85-88)
Ulster BOCES Online Toolkit