Educational Media

Co-Ser 501

Educational Media [Base Service]

co-ser 501.000

Please note: Co-Ser 501 is a Base Service to Co-Ser 502.

This service provides districts with a cost-effective method of accessing a vetted, safe, and ad-free K-12 streaming multi-media resource. A base collection provides access to over 164,000 media resources including high-quality, full-length videos, video clips, images, audio files, articles, activities, science experiments, interactives, and more on any Internet-enabled device. The video collection contains materials that support learning K-12. Training for accessing digital media is provided. Curriculum development support may be provided at an additional cost.

Districts must be part of Educational Technology Virtual Learning Technical Support Extension
(Co-Ser 525.015) to participate. Please note: Co-Ser 501 is a Base Service to Co-Ser 502.


Other Collections [Extension]

co-ser 501.001

Districts may choose to select other digital media collections at an additional cost (e.g., Discovery Education Streaming, Coding, Science, Health, etc.).



Dr. Maura Albertson
Coordinator of School Library Systems
phone: 845.255.1402 x1358
fax: 845.255.3836