Library Automation

Co-Ser 514

Ulster BOCES supports school libraries and staff by implementing and supporting integrated library management and resource sharing. The School Library System Coordinator is responsible for this service.


Library Automation [Base Service]

Co-Ser 514.003.000

The Ulster BOCES School Library System Coordinator facilitates regional and countywide planning for automation to ensure Ulster schools remain on the cutting edge of technology. Districts that utilize Destiny library automation systems are eligible for this service. By belonging to this base service, districts and library staff are provided with library management software system upgrades, student uploads and updates, and full support for all the modules (circulation, cataloging, reports, etc.). Upgrades of existing library equipment can be purchased at an additional charge. User group sessions are held for library and technology staff.

Records Conversion or Transition

Co-Ser 514.001

The School Library System Coordinator works with a district’s contact person, librarians, and technicians to plan for transition to another automation system. This may include the selection, configuration, installation, and support of infrastructure, equipment, and software. Library management software installation and related peripherals and staff training are included in the planning process. The School Library System Coordinator will work with the librarian to facilitate collection preparation. A proposal for each new building or change from one system to another will be provided to the district outlining specific costs and the timeframes associated with the implementation of the process. Each school library that is brought into this service spends one budget year in this process.

Records from the automated districts are merged into the Ulster BOCES School Library System Union Catalog, which enables countywide inter-library loan. Follett and Destiny are the two library automation systems that are supported by this Co-Ser.

Library Automation Software

Co-Ser 514.003

Destiny base software and add-ons can be purchased. Pricing is based on vendor costs.

Electronic Database & eBooks [Extension]

Co-Ser 514.004

The School Library System (SLS) will facilitate and track licensing arrangements with the vendors of various commercial databases (i.e., SIRS Researcher, Maps 101, Worldbook Online, etc.) and eBooks (including library and textbooks). A minimum of two districts must subscribe to each database. Vendor training for databases can be arranged, or BOCES training can be purchased at an additional charge.


Dr. Maura Albertson
phone: 845.255.1402 x1358
fax: 845.255.3836