School Library System

In 1984, the State Legislature authorized the establishment of the School Library System (SLS). The SLS supports the students, faculty, and staff of all public and non-public school libraries in Ulster County through funding provided by the State of New York. The SLS director also provides support through other services, which are available through Co-Sers, such as Library Automation (Co-Ser 514), Electronic Database and eBooks (Co-Ser 514.004), and Educational Media (Co-Ser 501.000).

Services that are provided to the Ulster County school community through each school library include:


Information Service – School Library System (SLS)

Media specialists in the member schools are kept apprised of current trends and developments in the library profession, including Federal, State, and local endeavors such as free electronic database access, grant opportunities, and library advocacy initiatives through the SLS website and listserv.

Professional Development

The SLS provides workshops, webinars, online courses, and on-site consulting pertaining to the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, AASL Standards, and other educational issues and trends that affect libraries, school staff, and students.

Resource Sharing (Inter-Library Loan/ILL)

Materials can be accessed through Inter-Library Loan from other school libraries, public and academic libraries, and special libraries either through the SLS Office, union catalog, and/or SEAL. Delivery is provided at no cost to the district. In addition, the SLS provides countywide databases, e-books, and audiobooks to support learning, which can be found on the School Library System website.

phone: 845.255.1402 x1358
fax: 845.255.3836