Arts in Education

Co-Ser 404


Arts in Education [Base Service]

Co-Ser 404.000

The purpose of this service is to support districts in providing students with opportunities to acquire knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the artistic, cultural, and intellectual accomplishments of civilization. This service supports the arts and arts-integrated learning experiences for K-12 students and teachers. Arts activities include workshops, assembly programs, demonstrations, residencies, and field experiences in literary arts, visual arts, music, media arts, theatre, and dance. Contracts with artists-in-residence and arts organizations are signed by Ulster BOCES. Specific arrangement details are made by the schools and coordinated by Ulster BOCES (districts designate and facilitate the administrative process). This resource supports the NYSED Standards and enables students, teachers, and the school community to participate in arts learning experiences, integrate the arts into other curricula, gain an understanding of the artistic process, and learn about the possibility of the arts as a career option. Additionally, professional development for arts-based teachers is provided.

Participation in the Base Service (Co-Ser 404.000) is required to purchase any of the following extensions.


Artists in the Schools [Extension]

Co-Ser 404.001

Districts allocate anticipated spending to bring artists into their schools in specific accounts for their use. This allocated revenue is then used throughout the year as programs are planned. The cost of participation includes artists’ expenses, plus 5%, which is eligible for State Aid..


Arts Specialist [Extension]

Co-Ser 404.003

An Arts Specialist works to support and extend the district’s arts program. This extension provides programs that are tailored to use creative thinking to support high potential students in their ongoing interest, drive, satisfaction, social-emotional development, and ultimate success in school. Current programs will employ a project-based learning approach to deepen and broaden student engagement and learning while also addressing the NYSED Standards.

This extension may include a variety of activities, including conducting a survey of existing programs or curricula to determine gaps, integrating the arts with other NYSED Standards, recommending or locating teaching artists or arts organizations, and coordinating an Artists-in-the-Schools program. The Arts Specialist could also be requested as a Content Specialist through Co-Ser 503.


Victoria Curry
Supervisor of School Development
phone: 845.255.1402 x1298
fax: 845.255.3836

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