Arts In Education Co-Ser Directory

The Arts in Education Co-Ser is an invaluable resource in educating the whole child and offering opportunities for growth in visual and aesthetic literacy. This service supports the arts and arts-integrated learning experiences for K-12 students and teachers. Due to the flexibility of the AIE Co-Ser, you will have the freedom to design an arts-based program that suits the needs of the school or classroom. As students and teachers engage in the arts they will have the opportunity to imagine, investigate, construct and reflect on a final product or performance. The Arts in Education Co-Ser is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts, Common Core State Standards and the upcoming National Core Arts Standards. Arts activities include workshops, assembly programs, demonstrations, residencies, and field experiences in literary arts, visual arts, music, media arts, theatre, and dance.

Performing Arts

Visual, Science, and Literary Arts

Ulster BOCES is committed to offering standards based programs that strengthen and support learning in all areas of curriculum. The arts and education are inseparable when student achievement and engagement is the goal. According to the National Core Arts Coalition, the Common Core State Standards made 75 direct references to implementing the arts into the ELA curriculum alone. The National Standards for the Arts state, “the arts have been an inseparable part of the human journey; indeed, we depend on the arts to carry us toward the fullness of our humanity. We value them for themselves, and because we do, we believe knowing and practicing them is fundamental to the healthy development of our children’s minds and spirits. That is why, in any civilization – ours included – the arts are inseparable from the very meaning of the term ‘education’. We know from long experience that no one can claim to be truly educated who lacks basic knowledge and skills in the arts.”