Assistive Technology

Co-Ser 329

Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services were first defined in Federal law in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-476). The purpose of assistive technology is to provide access and promote independence for a student with a disability. Assistive technologies are not meant to replace instruction.

The aim of this Co-Ser is to ensure that districts have the capacity to work with all students who have unique needs assisted by technology. The base service of this Co-Ser includes half-day, in-district coordination. Referrals for students with disabilities are initiated through the Committee on Special Education (CSE) process. The students are assessed by a qualified Assistive Technology specialist. Confidential reports are submitted to the district CSE chair/director. Purchase of professional development in Assistive Technology for general education (Co-Ser 555.001.004) is designed to support both special education/general education students/teachers and is eligible for aid. Certified personnel provide direct and indirect support service in the integration and use of assistive technology devices, materials, and strategies to students, educational teams, and families. Additional services may be purchased. Level I extension provides the initial evaluation and Level II is the follow-up appraisal. This Co-Ser provides access to an AT lending library.


Level I Assistive Technology Evaluation

CO-SER 329.000.001

This is a multi-step process from the time a referral is made at the CSE level. Prior to conducting an evaluation, the Assistive Technology (AT) provider distributes questionnaire forms to the appropriate staff, related service providers, parents, and student(s) where appropriate. Once all the documents are collected, the AT provider contacts the IEP team members to collect additional background information and coordinates a student classroom observation and AT assessment of the student. During the Level I assessment, various AT tools are trialed with the student. Once the assessment and observation are completed, a thorough report will be written and submitted to the district with recommendation for tools and training.


Level II Assistive Technology Assessment

CO-SER 329.000.002

(Level I Evaluation must have been completed within the past two [2] years). Level II is a follow-up appraisal of the tools recommended from Level I evaluation. A qualified AT Specialist will communicate with district staff who work with the student, and a written assessment report is submitted to the director/CSE chairperson.


Assistive Technology Specialist-Hourly

CO-SER 329.000.003

This service includes Assistive Technology coaching for student and/or teacher support.

  • One-on-one student or staff instruction: This service provides students and/or staff with Assistive Technology supports, coaching for classroom instruction, and use of tools for instructional purposes.
  • Participation in CSE/504 Meetings: This service provides the committee with Assistive Technology recommendations from the written assessment for the implementation and integration of the recommendation of tools and strategies within the academic environment.
  • Measurable Goals and Objectives: This service provides assistance with writing measurable IEP goals and objectives that relate to the NYSED Standards (CCLS) to those listed on the IEP for instruction with Assistive Technology.


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