Instructional Equipment Repair

Co-Ser 502

Please note: Districts must participate in the Base Service Co-Ser 501 in order to receive this service.

Instructional Equipment Repair [Extension of Co-Ser 501]

co-ser 502.000

This service includes service desk assistance and the maintenance of audio-visual (AV) equipment, and public address (PA) systems, as well as in-depth consultation to evaluate district equipment and system needs. Courier service to each district’s central site is provided to pick up and deliver equipment.

Audio-Visual (AV) Equipment & Systems

  • In-shop repair of AV equipment.
  • On-site repair of non-portable AV equipment within the building.
  • Cooperative bidding on AV equipment.
  • Evaluation of Audio Systems.
  • On-site summer maintenance for AV equipment.

Public Address Systems (PA)

  • On-site maintenance (troubleshooting and repair) for Ulster BOCES-supported public address systems (evaluations are required on other systems).

Conferencing Equipment

  • Coordination of maintenance and repairs of video and audio conferencing equipment purchased through Ulster BOCES.
  • Troubleshooting Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) and Internet Protocol (IP) problems.

The design, installation, and project management for upgrades or additions for any of the above can be provided at additional cost.


phone: 845.255.1402 x1269
fax: 845.255.3836