Science Inquiry Immersion

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Science Inquiry Immersion

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The Science Inquiry Immersion Co-Ser brings the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS) to life as a science content specialist provides professional development, modeling, and instructional coaching in classrooms. Using an inquiry-based learning model through NYSSLS-aligned science kit curricula, teachers and students will experience the joy and curiosity of investigations, collecting data and research, engineering, and “hands-on, minds-on” learning. The purpose is to build science knowledge and confidence in elementary students and teachers through a unit of Science Inquiry Immersion kit study with sustained training and support.

Each Science Inquiry Immersion kit will include teacher resources and materials for approximately three classes. Each selected kit/unit is approximately eight weeks in duration.

This service includes:

  • Professional development that is customized to your district curriculum and specific classroom needs.
  • Access to high quality NYSSLS-aligned science kit materials.
  • Robust and highly engaging curriculum that is anchored in inquiry-based learning.
  • Embedded engineering.
  • Work is interdisciplinary and literacy-focused.
  • Three-Dimensional Learning aligned to the NYSSLS.
  • Spanish resources.

Professional development and coaching are included in the cost and are a required component of the service. Science Inquiry Immersion kits are not available for individual purchase through this service. Ulster BOCES will maintain the vendor communication, replacement materials, cleaning, and storage of the kits to preserve low cost and decrease waste.



Barbara Tischler Hastie
Supervisor of School Development
phone: 845.255.1402 x1374
fax: 845.255.3836