Staff Development

Co-Ser 509

Staff Development [Base Service]

Co-Ser 509.000

Instructional Services offers a variety of professional development opportunities designed to meet the needs of teachers and administrators as described in the options below. Many of these activities provide in-depth training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. All New York State instructional initiatives, the New York State Teaching Standards, Danielson Framework for Teaching, NYSED Standards, and the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards, provide the foundation for this work. Programs are designed to support county, district, and school-wide efforts to improve learning opportunities for all students. In selected disciplines, a larger initiative may be developed through Co-Ser 555.012.

This service includes all content-based professional development planned and presented on a countywide basis, including training for the NYSED Standards and training for statewide Common Periodic Assessments and existing New York State assessments.

Base service provides:

  • Access to staff development workshops, webinars, or online learning.
  • Access to professional learning networks (PLNs).
  • Support of elementary, middle, and high school principals’ meetings.
  • Facilitation of the Instructional Advisory Council.
  • Research and development of projects leading to grant funding.
  • Access to targeted electronic distribution lists that facilitate information sharing.
  • Dissemination of all NYSED updates, regulations, and educational law updates.
  • Access to administrative and instructional staff for inquiries and research related to curriculum, assessment, instruction, and professional development topics.

Districts must belong to this service to have teachers and administrators participate in professional development activities as a “subscriber.”

Mid-Hudson Leadership Institute

Co-Ser 509.001

The Mid-Hudson Leadership Institute (MHLI) supports the development of educational leadership. Service includes Professional Learning opportunities appropriate for the needs of the target population, with an emphasis on transitioning administrative theory into practice. The Annual Summer Leadership Institute brings national presenters and regional experts together for a powerful, interactive learning experience for area school leaders. Subscribing member districts may send representatives to the Mid-Hudson Advisory Council (MHAC), which is a steering committee responsible for providing feedback and assessing the program. MHLI member districts will have access to the New Administrators Program and the Marshall Memo.

The New Administrators Program is an extension and was developed as part of the NYSED Cohesive Leadership Development Initiative in collaboration with SUNY Education Administration, NYSCOSS, SAANYS, and NYSED.

Professional Development Partnerships

Co-Ser 509.004

High Tech High Project-Based Learning - 509.004.001

Each year thousands of educators from across the U.S. flock to San Diego to High Tech High's (HTH) Leadership Academy to be trained in their innovative approach to project-based learning. Over a series of institutes, educators will be immersed in the HTH approach of Project-Based Learning and emerge with interdisciplinary units and assessment tools that will foster equity and push beyond the boundaries of the classroom experience for students. 

Columbia University Teachers College, School of Professional Studies - 509.004.002

Ulster BOCES Instructional Services hosts a series of Columbia University Teachers College School of Professional Studies online learning courses. Participants receive CTLE credits and learn at their convenience from Teachers College's exceptional faculty. Register through Ulster BOCES and receive BOCES Aid.

International School Studies Network & Global Competency Professional Development - 509.004.003

Professional Development from the International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) provides professional development that builds educators' capacity for best practices in curriculum, assessment, and instruction, with the ultimate goal of developing global competency in students and develops the ability to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action.

Stanford University’s - 509.004.004

Instructional Services provides a Design Thinking professional development series that will cultivate this mindset and approach to learning, collaboration, and problem-solving. Educators will learn the design process, which is a structured framework for identifying challenges, gathering information, generating potential solutions, refining ideas, and testing solutions. Learn more here.

Cooperative Conference Day [Extension]

Co-Ser 509.017

A countywide or multi-district staff development day is facilitated as a cost-effective means of encouraging collaboration on topics related to educational trends, initiatives, and research-based instructional practices. Selected disciplines (e.g., the arts, librarians, physical education, teaching assistants, etc.), or whole district programs can be provided resources to strengthen instructional programming. The program design is determined by the request of the participating districts.

Regional and County-Wide Advanced Placement (AP) Conference

Co-Ser 509.017.001

This includes workshops for AP teachers to analyze student work, share best practices, and discuss new curriculum changes and grading procedures.


Barbara Tischler Hastie
Supervisor of School Development
phone: 845.255.1402 x1374
fax: 845.266.3836

Mentor & New Teacher Training [Extension]

Co-Ser 509.020

A. New Teacher Orientation & Training [Extension]

This resource begins in August and continues throughout the school year. It is designed to provide a foundation in NYSED Standards, current research-based instructional practices, classroom management, bullying prevention, technology integration for teachers entering the profession or changing a discipline, and supporting all learners (including ELLs and diverse learners).

B. Mentor Training and Support [Extension]

NYS mandates that all first-year teachers new to the teaching profession receive mentoring. Beyond the State mandate, however, there are compelling reasons for mentoring new teachers. Studies suggest that there is a correlation between mentoring and accelerating new teacher effectiveness. This resource is designed to assist school leaders with the critical task of supporting teacher growth and development. It offers strategies focused on teacher development and student achievement. Support and resources for accomplished educators who take on the role of mentoring is provided.

C. Teacher Assistant & Paraprofessional Orientation & Training [Extension]

This program provides support and resources for Teaching Assistants and Paraprofessionals. This program begins with an orientation in August and continues with follow-up sessions throughout the school year. These sessions are designed to provide critical professional development, create learning environments that facilitate standards-based instruction, and enhance student achievement.


Barbara Tischler Hastie
Supervisor of School Development
phone: 845.255.1402 x1374
fax: 845.266.3836

In-District Professional Development [Extension]

Co-Ser 509.022

Resources are provided for in-district professional development delivered by content specialists, coordinators and consultants based on district need. Districts may request work in areas such as Cognitive Coaching, Explicit Instruction, Responsive Classroom, Understanding by Design, differentiation, Universal Design for Learning, Reading and/or Writing Workshop, trauma-informed practices, or social-emotional learning.

Districts may choose to use this Co-Ser to develop customized opportunities. Arrangements and charges will vary based on the nature and scope of requests either on a per diem or project basis.

Customized Opportunities [Extension]

Co-Ser 509.029

Each district may request customized professional development work to support district goals and initiatives. Customized requests may be a series of workshops, sustained work or a special project. Arrangements and charges will vary based on the nature and scope of requests.

Supportive Learning Environments/Positive Youth Development/School safety [Extension]

Co-Ser 509.029

In New York State, school districts are expected to provide equal opportunity and dignity for all students to learn and prosper. Consistent with that, our mission is to assist schools to create environments that provide all students with the skills, attitudes, and dispositions essential to learning and success in a changing world.

This service works with schools to develop and maintain predictable, safe, and supportive learning environments for students and staff by examining factors that interfere with student readiness to learn. Research based strategies are utilized to help staff and students manage behavior and support learning.

Basic and customized services and assistance in topical areas such as crisis intervention, crisis emergency support, behavior management, bullying prevention, mediation, youth development, and data-based behavioral planning and interventions for students are available through our content experts.

Services include staff development through workshops, facilitated networking sessions, and on-site coaching and technical assistance, and crisis response.

This activity is provided on an FTE or per diem basis.


Barbara Tischler Hastie
Supervisor of School Development
phone: 845.255.1402 x1374
fax: 845.266.3836

The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) [Extension]

Co-Ser 509.030

The Dignity for All Students Act was established to ensure that schools are free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Per the Dignity Act, at least one employee in every school building shall be designated as a Dignity Act Coordinator (DAC), instructed in the provisions of the law and thoroughly trained in methods to respond to human relations in the areas covered by the Dignity Act. This service provides training and support to DACs, and as per the legislation, meets the requirement for having thoroughly trained DACs. Specialized training can be purchased beyond the base service including individualized behavioral coaching for staff to support an inclusive and safe environment, and dignity-related topics for staff or students. This may include training on Superintendent Conference Days or for student assemblies.


Barbara Tischler Hastie
Supervisor of School Development
phone: 845.255.1402 x1374
fax: 845.266.3836

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