Virtual Academy Summer School

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Ulster BOCES will offer Virtual Academic Summer School (VASS) via remote instruction. Remote instruction will allow us to provide more academic supports and create a bridge from this school year to the next. The program goals are intervention, remediation, and credit recovery for secondary students. Additionally, VASS offers an opportunity to frontload the next school year’s learning to give at-risk students a jumpstart to school year 2022-2023 while maintaining social and emotional connections and academic opportunities. Target students are those most at risk and the furthest behind and those who need promotion or graduation credit. Students who are at risk socially or emotionally and who need connections with peers and adults would benefit from the program as well due to the social-emotional components in the curriculum. VASS delivers teaching and learning synchronously and asynchronously through Edgenuity and ZOOM. VASS teachers will receive professional training on using both platforms to engage students, communicate with families, and assess learning.

Contact Box

Sarah Dudley-Lemek
Director of Instructional Services 
phone: 845.255.1402

175 Route 32 North
New Paltz, NY 12561