Virtual Learning

co-ser 415.000 (formerly 535.002)

This extension provides access to and support of virtual learning opportunities, including online and blended courses, distance learning classes, virtual field trips and videoconferencing, and access to virtual worlds. Specialists will work with your district to customize e-learning programs to meet your district’s instructional needs.

This service provides:

  • Access to a Learning Management System (Moodle), including a selection of fully developed online courses.
  • Access to hundreds of web-based live stream field trips.
  • Provide software licensing to support cloud-based video and web conference.
  • Facilitation of IP videoconferencing opportunities and resources (additional per event cost).
  • Access to negotiated statewide Distance Learning contracts.
    • Learning management system (LMS) offerings include Schoology and It’s Learning (additional per student cost).
    • On-line course content from APEX or Edgenuity (additional per student cost).
    • Includes one day of training to support purchases.
  • Option to purchase distance-learning classes (related hardware may be purchased through Co-Ser 525).
  • Fully online or blended courses facilitated by NYS certified teachers (Advanced Placement, Credit Recovery, Electives, Initial Credit) at an additional per seat cost which includes:
    • Frequent communication with guidance counselors and/or principals to monitor student progress.
    • On-site student orientation.
    • NYS certified teacher of record.
    • Rolling admissions.
  • New technologies and learning methodologies are researched and evaluated.
  • Access to statewide information provided through the New York State Distance Learning Consortium.

Districts must be part of the Educational Technology Virtual Learning Technical Support Extension (Co-Ser 525.015) to participate.