Health, Safety & Risk Management

Co-Ser 602

This service is available to assist component districts in the development of comprehensive environmental/occupational health and safety programs. The program’s occupational health and safety professionals are available, upon request, to aid districts in addressing potential health hazards and act as liaison to regulatory agencies and environmental contractors.

Summary of Services

  • Accessibility Compliance Surveys
  • AED/CPR Compliance
  • Annual Fire Safety Inspections (Including preliminary inspections of new construction)
  • Asbestos Compliance
    • AHERA Triennial Inspections
    • Six-month Surveillances
    • Management Plan Updates
    • Abatement Project Guidance
    • Project Monitoring Clearance
    • Annual Maintenance and Custodial Staff Awareness Training
    • Asbestos Sampling
  • Chemical Inventory & Identification
  • Confined Space Identification & Evaluation
  • Disaster & Emergency Planning
  • Environmental Audits
  • Hazardous Materials Management & Disposal
  • Health & Safety Committee Guidance
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
    • Air Monitoring
    • Indoor Air Quality Studies
    • Noise & Hearing Conservation Studies
    • Radon Surveys
    • Radon Assessment Program
    • Respirator Fit Testing
    • Ventilation Assessments
    • Door/Window Caulk Sampling for Asbestos, Lead and PCB’s
    • Lead on Painted Surfaces Testing and Assessment
    • Mold Sampling
  • Information & Technical Assistance
  • Integrated Pest Management Guidance & Planning
  • Laboratory Inspections
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Compliance Audits
    • Health & Safety Training
    • Right-to-Know/Hazard Communication
    • Program Development & Update
    • RESCUE & SAVE Compliance
    • Pesh Regulations
    • Petroleum Bulk Storage Compliance
  • Water & Soil Quality Testing

Risk management project monitoring [extension]

CO-SER 602.000.001

This service will provide project monitoring to include scheduling, managing, and evaluating work performed by consultants approved to provide supporting environmental health and safety services to component districts. Services include, but are not limited to, asbestos project and air monitoring and lead paint surveys.


James Stoothoff
Environmental Compliance Coordinator

175 Route 32 North
New Paltz, NY 12561
phone: 845.255.1400 x1360
fax: (845) 255-0729





Ulster BOCES Health, Safety and Risk Manager support staff