Public Information

Co-Ser 609

Tier I Public Information [Base Service]

CO-SER 609.000.000

The award-winning Ulster BOCES Community Relations team works collaboratively with a district’s central administration to provide routine communication and public relationship support. By utilizing trained professionals in the public relations field, participants of this Co-Ser benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of a planned communications service. Projects are created utilizing current industry-standard software and equipment, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro. Each district is assigned a lead specialist who is supported by a team of experts with various skill sets in media relations, journalism/writing, graphic arts, photography, video, and digital communications. Service levels are customized to meet districts’ specific needs. Project requests received without adequate notice will be assessed a surcharge. Your district’s needs will be determined during a planning meeting. A dedicated on-site specialist may be available.

Examples of services provided in Tier I Public Information [Base Service] include:

  • Event Coverage
  • Press Releases/Feature Articles & Media Relations
  • Photography
  • School Newsletters
  • School Calendars
  • Publications such as Brochures, Fliers, Event Programs, etc.
  • Social Media Management & Monitoring
  • Basic Website Support (Updating Content, News, and Photos)
  • Print & Bulk Mail Coordination
  • Poster & Banner Design
  • Business Card & Letterhead Design
  • Basic Short Videos created from Mobile Devices

Tier II Public Information specialty projects [Extension]

CO-SER 609.000.001

Not all communication and public relations support can be planned. Tier II provides support to districts to respond to crisis situations (sometimes outside of the workday and often requiring action be taken on tight deadlines), as well as other intensive communication projects, such as capital project campaigns, major video production (scripted and narrated videos), or other complex topics. Community Relations will assist districts with identifying their Tier II needs during a planning meeting. Participation costs will vary based on district needs.


digital accessibility [base service]

CO-SER 609.002.000

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to the virtual world and calls for electronic content to be accessible to everyone. Ensuring content is accessible to all is part of creating an inclusive culture that values everyone. This base service provides districts with access to a training module on the standards required to maintain an ADA compliant website and also includes an annual ADA compliance presentation to staff who have website roles in the district. Co-Ser extensions are available for video captioning, PDF remediation, and special projects to assist districts with addressing their compliance needs. A powerful site monitoring tool that scans for accessibility issues, as well as provides quality assurance reporting of broken links, spelling errors, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues, is available through Instructional Services Co-Ser 525. Districts can partner this monitoring tool with participation in 609.000.003 to have a website professional review their weekly ADA/quality assurance reporting and correct non-platform related issues.


Video Captioning [Extension]

CO-SER 609.002.001

Statistics on videos leave no doubt as to their value. Experts predict that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Accessibility standards require video files to be captioned to allow individuals with hearing challenges to access information. Not only is captioning a requirement for accessibility, but it also enhances content for everyone by capturing an audience’s attention and keeping them engaged longer. These longer viewing times yield better performance on search engines. Community Relations staff can generate necessary captioning files for your videos. Participation includes a base fee plus cost for captioning each video, depending on length and turnaround needed.


PDF Remediation for Digital Accessibility [Extension]

CO-SER 609.002.002

Ensuring your on-line PDFs are accessible can be time consuming and complex. Our Digital Communications professionals can address common PDF elements needed for accessibility such as tagging images, headings, links, lists, tables, and reading order. Remediated PDFs have benefits beyond accessibility; they also improve search engine optimization (SEO) and make documents more usable for everyone reading them. Participation includes a base fee plus cost for remediating each PDF, depending on length and turnaround needed.


Accessibility Special Projects [Extension]

CO-SER 609.002.003

This work is highly customizable, depending on the district’s needs and in-house capacity. A web accessibility expert can work directly with districts to address accessibility needs and/or provide technical training on accessibility. There are two components of cost for this service: a coordination fee, along with a customized cost based on the specific service plan developed for the district (which may include expenses from third-party vendors). Contact Community Relations for your custom proposal.


Taking Your Website to a New Level: From Building a  New Site to Ongoing Website Management

CO-SER 609.000.002

Does your website need a reboot? An Ulster BOCES website professional can help you build a new site from concept to launch. The service includes collecting stakeholder feedback, coordinating demonstrations from content management system vendors, and assistance in selecting a platform to best achieve your goals. Once a platform is selected, Ulster BOCES can help create a professional look for your site that supports your district’s brand, populate content, determine navigation, and create graphics. After your new site is created, ongoing maintenance is available through 609.000.000. Please note, additional time for copywriting new content or editing outdated content is also available through 609.000.000.  A custom proposal will be created based on the district’s specific needs.

A powerful site monitoring tool that scans for accessibility issues, as well as provides quality assurance reporting of broken links, spelling errors, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues, is available through Instructional Services Co-Ser 525. Your website professional can monitor this reporting and correct non-platform related issues.


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