Micro-Credential Series

Intro to Business Micro-Credential 

The three one-hour modules will be delivered live (in-person) and virtually. The completion of three projects is required for badging. Intro to Business is a prerequisite for our Project Management (PM) micro-credential modules (starting in April 2021).
Students will gain confidence and understanding of identified topics and learn the key concepts of successful business practices. Whether in school, at home, or in the professional world, this knowledge is highly transferable.
How to be successful starts here! 

Core Principles

Supply and Demand
Types of Business Structures
Making Decisions: Risk, Reward, Patience
Introduction to Marketing (digital, social, traditional)
Customer Service
Sales/Business Development 

Core Skills

MS Word/Excel
Basic Business Math
Basic Accounting/Logs 

Best Practices

Forming Healthy Business Habits (time management, technology, data management)
Personal Finance – The Power of Budgeting
Goal Setting
Résumé Writing
Is it a Meeting, Email, or Phone Call?
Teamwork and Brainstorming
Introduction to Project Management (PM)