Hospitality & Tourism

Careers in this cluster involve providing people with food, lodging, and related services, including food preparation and serving occupations and a number of the personal care and service occupations.

Culinary Arts

The Ulster BOCES Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Pastry Arts program is highly respected across New York State. Students learn the fundamentals of safety and sanitation through the operation of an on-campus restaurant. Rotations through hot and cold food preparation, customer service, dining room operations, sanitation, baking, and short-order cooking are scheduled. Based on the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation and Hospitality Business Alliance ProStart curriculum, the program teaches students the management and practical skills required in the restaurant and food service industry. Students gain experience cooking gourmet soups, sauces, salads, meat, poultry, seafood, meatless entrees, and desserts. The art of buffet preparation, garnishing, and plate composition is also an important aspect of the program. Students can participate in paid internships and are mentored by industry professionals.

Culinary Arts instructor demonstrates proper handling of utensils

Academics & Certificates:

Academic instruction in NYS Learning Standards in English language arts, mathematics, and science is integrated into the curriculum. Students can earn credits for English, math, and science. When students meet academic standards and complete a checklist of competencies, they are awarded the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement, as well as ServSafe certification.

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