Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Careers in this cluster involve protecting people and enforcing rules, such as legal occupations and nearly all of the protective service occupations.

Criminal Justice

Explore the history, structures, and processes of the criminal justice system. Investigate the fields of private security and fire safety. Students learn law enforcement concepts and techniques, as well as court and corrections procedures. This program places emphasis on the study of New York State Penal Law, law enforcement today, the individual citizen and the law, and criminal justice career exploration. Students participate in hands-on, practical skill instruction, including handcuffing, radio usage, fingerprinting, crime scene investigation, crime scene sketching, vehicle stops and searches, patrol, and forensics. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in field trips, school-to-work internships, and industry-related work details.

Students are required to maintain a written criminal justice portfolio and wear a prescribed uniform. The program features guest speakers, related crime videos, and career orientation.

Criminal Justice student practices with handcuffs on a fellow student

Academics & Certificates:

Academic instruction in NYS Learning Standards in English language arts, mathematics, and science is integrated into the curriculum. Students can earn credit in English, government, math, and science. Upon successful completion of all course requirements, students have the opportunity to take the State Security Guard License exam.

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