High School Equivalency

This program prepares students to earn a New York State Equivalency Diploma by successfully completing the New York State Testing Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC®) exam.

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Co-Ser 402.003

Students attend the Career & Technical Center for a full day, with a half-day in an academic prep or TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) class and a half-day in one of the career and technical programs. Computer instruction is integrated into the highly individualized academic/TASC program. TASC replaced the General Education Development (GED) program as the primary pathway to gaining a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma. Requirements to participate in the TASC program include having at least an eighth grade reading and math level and maintaining at least an 80% attendance level in the Transitional Academic Program (TAP) program.

TAP is designed to improve academic achievement and attendance, and secure credits, as appropriate. A reading and math level of at least sixth grade is suggested for participation. After four weeks of attendance, a determination is made of the student’s best next opportunity, such as returning to the home school, transferring to the Phoenix Academy, remaining in the TAP program, or transferring to a TASC program.


Joseph Salamone
Principal of CTE

Stephen Casa
Assistant Principal of CTE

Allison Ramirez
Assistant Principal of CTE 

Ronald Bath
Guidance Counselor

Cristina Wieczorek
Guidance Counselor 

Gen Rochetti
Special Education Consultant Teacher

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