Student Support Services

Focused student support services promote the success of students enrolled in Career & Technical Center programs, as well as prepare students for entering college and the workforce upon graduation.

Two students review course guide with counselor

Behavior Intervention Specialist

The Behavior Intervention Specialist works with students at the Ulster BOCES Career & Technical Center to ensure success in all aspects of their education at the school. It is the responsibility of the specialist to ensure that each student has a safe, friendly, secure environment in which he/she can learn. Students will be assured that they are truly welcomed, appreciated, and needed.

Guidance Office

The Guidance Office at the Career & Technical Center is committed to helping each student be successful while at school, as well as in his/her future endeavors. A variety of services are offered. These include:

  • Identifying problems that demand individual assistance.
  • Coordination of services between the Career & Technical Center and home schools.
  • Maintaining student records.

In addition, the Guidance Office works closely with Career & Technical Center teachers to help students with post-secondary planning. Some of the activities include:

  • Conducting college visits to schools where a continuation of Career & Technical Center classes are offered.
  • General assistance regarding any issues that students may have that may impact their ability to attend college.
  • Working closely with home school counselors to offer assistance to students.